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Consider The Children, Cymplified!

The destruction that Typhoon #YolandaPH caused is very devastating. It’s heartbreaking to just think about the condition of the children in the affected places. They must be cold, without any proper shelter and neither clean nor dry clothes to change into. They must be thirsty, with limited to no clean water available. They must be hungry, without any proper meal …

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Moms Helping Moms, A St. Patrick Charity Drive, Cymplified!

Motherhood is an experience countless women undergo yet it is also very unique for each one. It is a shared adventure that may have similar encounters, yet no two events or children are exactly alike. Motherhood being communal, it is in a mother’s nature to offer advice and help to other moms, especially to the new ones. Only another mother …

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International Women’s Day, Cymplified!

March 8, 2013 was International Women’s Day. I have been receiving newsletters from World Food Programme. If you advocate for or support fighting hunger worldwide, please do take time to visit the site. They work doubly hard when countries are affected by calamities or even war, when food security is compromised. WFP Philippines calls for donations when parts of the country …

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