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Buds Baby Organics Help New Moms, Cymplified!

How Buds Baby Organics Help New Moms (and old!)

Babies are so precious, especially the newborn ones. New moms (and dads!) desire to give them the best start in life. They research the most family-friendly hospitals to give birth in. They make the best informed decisions on whether to breastfeed or not.

Products from Buds Organics that would help the breastfeeding moms are:

Organic Sweet Fennel Oil promotes lactation and Organic Inca Inchi Oil, with its high level of essential fatty acids (EFAs) and Organic Rosemary Extract, a potent antioxidant, strengthen and protect the tender skin on the breasts. Its Organic Lavender Oil calms, relaxes and soothes. Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Olive Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil nourish and moisturize.

buds baby organics breast massage oil

  • This Healing Salve will help your skin to cope with the demands of nursing a newborn.

buds baby organics nursing salve


Mommies are always on the lookout for safe products that will benefit their babies. The wee ones’ immune systems are not fully developed yet, and they have thinner skin. Since skin absorbs around 60% of the substances put on it, therefore, we need to be careful of the products we use on them.

Some helpful products aside from baby wash and baby lotion include:

buds baby organics massage oil

  • This oral gel is super mild, effective and formulated using a combination of Organic Aloe Vera leaf juice and natural Silica to gently clean your baby’s teeth.

baby buds organics oral gel

The Buds Baby Organics Coming Out Party

So, how do I know about Buds Baby Organics? I attended its Coming Out Party on the day of their anniversary, April 28. It was an intimate gathering where my fellow moms and I learned about breastfeeding, dental care for children, ingredients in body care products, and that having fever because of teething itself is a myth, among other things.

It’s good to know that certified organic baby care products are available for new moms. These are certified by EcoCertthe very first certification body to develop standards for “natural and organic cosmetics”.

buds baby organics products

When you decide to buy from budsbabyph, don’t forget to input this discount code to get 10% off for the month of May!  🙂


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