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Appreciating Orchids, Cymplified!

Orchids are one of the most delicate yet most beautiful flowers to grace the earth. These flowers could definitely liven up and at the same time add softness to our homes and gardens. As centerpieces for tables during birthday parties or weddings, they will get families and friends appreciating orchids. 

Do you know that you can have your own orchids without having to go through the tedious process of growing them yourselves? Find out how with this guest post from Winchester Lim.


My grandma loved tending her garden for my grandpa. Papa (as we all call my grandpa) would come from his daily jog carrying a sprig from a flowering plant he thought would look lovely in Mama’s garden. Everyone would admire how Mama’s garden looked like what they imagine Eden would have looked like. Mama tells me that she appreciates all the admiration but the only reason she tended her garden was to make Papa happy. And he was happy until the day he died in 2014.

It was like the garden died with Papa. Flowering plants died. The ground dried up. Mama didn’t bother to look at her garden for almost four long years. Life withered with the memories.

But in 2017, something short of a miracle happened. Mama’s orchids began to flower again. This inspired me and Mama to start taking care of her orchids and garden plants again.

Tending to orchids is no easy feat. They are the most delicate flowers to grow even at excellent conditions.

There are at least five varieties we tend to.


  1. VANDA ORCHIDS – Vanda (Mama fondly calls them Panda) orchids are one-stemmed orchids that have fragrant flowers that grow 3 to 4 inches in diameter.  They love the sun but bleaching (yellowing of leaves) does occur in the summer. They do not need too much water as the roots extract water from the air. Flowers usually last 2 months from first bloom and usually blooms twice a year. 


  1. ONCIDIUM ORCHIDS – More commonly known as Dancing Ladies, these orchids are creepers, usually growing out of the pot of it likes the environment.  True to their namesake, this variety blooms in formation of small flowers that resemble ladies dancing in the wind. Flowers bloom for 3 weeks and usually could bloom again if cut correctly in a month. They love a lot of water but do need to be aerated and likes the shade and indirect sunlight more. These are suitable for indoor terrariums and decorations but need more attention as they tend to get crowded in a pot.


  1. SANGGUMAY (DENDROBIUM ANOSNUM) ORCHIDS – Purple Rain, Latigo De Caballo or Salome, whatever you call them, are summer-blooming orchids that have a strong fruity smell. The canes grow hanging down and shed their leaves before they bloom. They usually only bloom for three weeks and new plants grow from these canes afterwards.


  1. DENDROBIUM ORCHIDS – These are the most diverse of our varieties as we have at least 10 different colors, shapes and sizes.  These orchids grow in bulbous stem clusters and can flower from each stem depending on the condition of the plants. These are very resilient but hate being moved around too much.  If it cannot attach to the medium, it does not grow into the pot. They like indirect sunlight and their flowers bloom for 2 to 3 months.

dendrobium2    dendrobium1

  1.  CATTLEYA ORCHIDS – These are big plants that need a lot of room to grow but their fragrant flowers are only short-lived, usually blooming for 2 weeks only.  Like dendrobiums, they form bulbous stem clusters but flowers only bloom from the newest bulb.


As these orchids symbolize my grandmother’s love for my grandfather, to us, they are not mere plants. We know how hard it is to grow and keep an orchid alive, this is why we offer to take care of your orchids until it blooms. And if you register via Potted Philippines Facebook page, you can now adopt an orchid.

For only Php800 a year, you will get:

  1. One year in-garden orchid care.
  2. Personalized name tags on the pot and plant and one year pot space in our garden.
  3. Option to harvest cut flowers or deliver blooming plant to your house (delivery charges apply).
  4. If for any reason within your care, the orchid dies, we will replace the plant one time only.

The fee would help with the upkeep of our garden nursery while your orchids will get the tender-loving care only my grandmother can give.

My grandfather may have passed on but I know that he is looking down from heaven, happy and content that my grandmother gets to tend to her garden again. Help keep the love alive. Adopt an orchid now.

Here is the link again to Potted Philippines.

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