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Appreciating Daddy, Cymplified!

Since it is still June, it’s still Father’s month, haha!

A short but sweet post about appreciating daddy…

And all the people (the moms, the siblings, the uncles, the aunties, the godfathers, etc.) who are like dads; giving guidance and sharing strength.


To the dad who would not miss the birth of his child for work or for the world, who is there to ensure his newborn is well-taken care of right from the start. He is there when his wife is recovering… Providing her with everything she needs.

To the father, bleary-eyed and dazed as he gets up for his baby’s midnight feeding, shaking the bottle and checking the temperature of the milk on the back of his hand. Trying not to doze off as he cradles the infant and then gently patting her back until she burps.

To the husband who prepares nutritious food for his breastfeeding wife, he also wakes up in the middle of the night when the baby cries so he could put her beside her mother’s breast.

Thank you for laying down the foundation of the family on your love and support for your wife.

We appreciate you!

We appreciate the hard work you put in, so that our needs will be met.

You even give us our wants: dinner at a restaurant, a vacation or a pet.

You lend us moms your patience, your calm, your sturdy presence, your best;

in times of anger, sadness, feelings of inadequacy or feeling stressed.

Losing sleep, with us, together we take care of the kids when they’re ill.

Discipline, striving for excellence, being street-smart, in the little ones instill.

The way you step up to doing little things for them when we are tired

Is admirable. How you do all that’s necessary despite being uninspired.

We do appreciate your partnership, even if we do not say it or show you.

We appreciate the moms who are also dads: thank God for you!


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