goal: to read more books
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Goal: To Read More Books, Cymplified!

Recreational reading was one of my hobbies. I used to read Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High, my aunt’s romance books, and Archie comics. I still have the Sweet Valley Twins, which I painted. See below.


But, after I entered college, went to work and started a family, reading took a backseat. I did try to insert some reading time between studying and working. I wanted to revive it and in an attempt to read more books, I have resorted to incorporating technology. Because more often than not, I bring my cellphone wherever I go.

If, like me, your goal is also to read more books, then here are a few things that could help.

     1. Set a goal.

I make use of the site and application Goodreads to set my yearly reading challenge. Using the app, I scan the ISBN of the books that I plan to read or currently reading. If your book does not appear, try the search button. I also update it with the page number I am presently on.

     2. Start small.

If you are just starting out and do not want to be overwhelmed, set a small, reachable goal of say, five books in a year. I gradually increased the number of books each year. Next year, I add five books to my goal.

      3. Get free e-books.

Don’t know where to start? Before buying books that will make a dent in your budget, download free e-books from BookBub. Now that my eldest is into books like Dork Diaries and Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, I also read those and include them in my books for the reading challenge. It feels rewarding to be able to click on the “I’ve finished this book” link, input the date finished, rate and then review it. Reviewing is optional, though.

To motivate myself to read, I joined BookLook Bloggers before. I was required to post on my blog a review of the book, then submit the link before I could request for another one. Unfortunately, I am not part of that program anymore.

     4. Take advantage.

As moms, it is in our nature to multitask. When I was breastfeeding my youngest, I used the nursing time to update my blog from my phone. I tutored my two older children, too. You can also make use of breastfeeding time to read books. Or the children’s nap time. The books that we read aloud to our kids could also be listed in the reading challenge.

Another is taking advantage of the waiting time at the doctor’s clinic to read more books. If you stay at your kid’s preschool to wait until dismissal, or visit a nearby coffee shop, then it’s the perfect opportunity to read.

How else can you fit reading books into your busy schedule? Do you have other suggestions for things you can do to read more books?

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