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Nickerbacher Chapter Book by Terry John Barto, Cymplified!

I first read the story of Nickerbacher, the funniest dragon as a picture book. It was a pleasant surprise to learn about the new Nickerbacher chapter book. At first, I thought it’s a continuation of the picture book. Consequently, I realized that it’s kind of an expanded version. There were still pictures; but the story was more in-depth.

If you happen to be a dragon and you happen to want to be a comedian, then this book is for you! Seriously, this is a nice read for children who can handle longer books. It inspires them to chase that dream, against many odds.

If you happen to be a princess and you happen to have an advocacy, then this book is perfect! When something feels right, then fight for it. Even when no one seems to believe in it. When there’s a pulling inside us to do something good, especially for the marginalized, do it.

If you happen to be a prince who wants to follow his heart and extend help to the unexpected, follow it! Everybody deserves kindness, right?

If you happen to have friends and family who are encouraging, what else is there to do but be thankful? It’s difficult to find people who support us and our dreams.

I got all these from a children’s book with six chapters? Yes, I did! Although the drawings do not have any colors, they were doodled in great detail.

This is an easy read that kids from aged 7 or 8 and above will enjoy.

Note: I received a copy from the author to read and review.

Nickerbacher Book Cover Nickerbacher
Terry John Barto
Early Chapter Edition
TJB Kids
December 8, 2016

Nickerbacher is a dragon and aspiring comedian who travels to La La Land to audition for The Late Knight Show. Hoping to prove to his father - and the world - that dragons can be funny. Nickerbacher befriends a prince and a princess who help him realize his dream while paving the way for equal rights of all citizens.

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