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Tien Ma’s Z Square, Cymplified!

My husband and I were hungry after we had a massage. We decided to try Tien Ma’s Z Square Mall. The food there seemed promising because plenty of people were entering or already seated. We noticed it was hot as we took our seats. But, we soldiered on.

First, a story. I have a high school friend. She’s from Taiwan. Her parents had a restaurant along Ongpin St. in Chinatown called Eng Lay Hiong. Above the dining area was their residence. That’s where we used to hang out, study and make projects. Whenever lunchtime came, all five of us would troop down to eat delicious food served from their kitchen. My ultimate favorite was the beef soup with noodles (牛肉湯麵) minus the pieces of beef. Yum!

Another restaurant replaced it years ago. My friend and her family went back to Taiwan after college. We’re still friends, though, and we correspond online sometimes. I miss her… And the 牛肉湯麵! 

At Tien Ma’s Z Square,

I was sure to order their xiao long bao (小籠包). The wrapper was not too thick, but it also did not break easily. That’s why I got to sip the soup. The soup inside was very tasty. 

tien ma's z square xiao long bao

There were also pork with kuchay dumplings. These had slippery wrappers that rip open with chopsticks. I couldn’t taste the kuchay much and the covering was a letdown.

tien ma's z square pork and kuchay dumplings

Candy sprinkles on mayonnaise? That’s what they did with this hot prawn salad dish. The sauce was cloyingly sweet. It didn’t help the small bits of prawns robed in thick flour coats.

tien ma's z square hot prawn salad

Rix almost always has to have a bowl of beef noodle soup in Chinese eateries. I wasn’t surprised he chose that at Tien Ma’s. I was just amazed he split his order.

tien ma's z square beef noodle soup

While he may have found the soup too salty, it reminded me of my high school friend and Eng Lay Hiong. The noodles were different, though. And this had pieces of beef. I liked it nonetheless. Why? The soup was bursting with beef flavor. The veggies complemented the taste. The beef chunks were soft.

It’s nice to destress with my partner with a massage. Although we are not very adventurous, we try new cuisines at times.

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How about you? How do you bond with your partner?

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