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Lunch Out: Torch Restaurant, Cymplified!

Torch Restaurant

Is it kid-friendly?


One Sunday morning in December found me, my hubby and our youngest in Trinoma. We were in the Landmark department store buying long socks, yellow shoes and hair clips for the Christmas program attires. After walking, placing the purchases in the car and looking for a restaurant, we settled for Torch Restaurant because it seemed to provide a lot of food choices.

The interior was made up of industrial elements infused with natural features. There were many interesting things to notice inside like the open lampshades and the tall “grass” that served as an accent wall. I also noted that the fire in the logo of Torch, which was emanating from the letter t, reminded me of a welding torch, not the torches in caves or in the Olympics.

lights @ torch restaurant

It’s a family restaurant that offers pizza, sushi, steak and more. I assumed it was a family restaurant because:

  • I spied groups of families dining there.
  • Cayla was given a strange elephant balloon that didn’t have a string.balloon @ torch restaurant
  • There was a glass of toasted pasta to munch on while waiting. Crunchy and salty! One way to keep hungry kids occupied. Cayla ate lots of it!

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But, there were some things that were not child-friendly. Like:

  • the heavy and noisy (maybe) iron chairs.
  • the scalding skillet pan the burger mac and cheese came in. I ordered this for the kid, but she cannot finish it (she must be full from the pasta appetizer). As you can see, it’s very cheesy! Her dad ate the burger patty. torch restaurant mac and cheese
  • the scorching granite slab stone grill that might cause burns to curious little fingers. This was what I had, most beef pieces were soft, they serve them medium rare as the table top stone grill will continue to cook the bloody US Angus tenderloin salpicao medallion … And I really couldn’t say ‘no’ to mashed potatoes!                                        torch restaurant US angus tenderloin salpicao medallion

To answer the question above, I would say…

  • It depends on what food was ordered.
  • There were high chairs for children, so I have the option to forego the iron chairs.

Have you tried dining at Torch Restaurant? How was the experience?


  1. Really looks like a nice place but the hot skillets really is a red flag especially for kids.

  2. Melissa

    I’ve never been to the Torch Restaurant but judging by the name, it might not be child-friendly talaga. Hehe. I still love to try it though, their tenderloin looks really mouth-watering 🙂

  3. Ugh, your photos made me drool. How are their prices? Affordable enough?
    Shelly recently posted..When in Marikina: Dine like it’s your last meal at Caffe Piansa, the first jailed-themed diner in the PH

  4. Elizabeth O.

    The food looks great. Thanks for sharing your experience. Though there are a few things that they could change to make it more kid-friendly.

  5. We were in Trinoma last month and because my mom wants Filipino foods we ate in Dekada. I would love to try the steak of Torch, I hope the price is reasonable. 🙂
    Michi recently posted..Endless Summer in Canyon Cove

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