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Family Day Out: Mind Museum Madness, Cymplified!

It was the Sunday before school started again after the Christmas and new year break. We were wondering…

“Where to go? What to do?”

Those were the usual questions when thinking of activities for our family.

While I was washing the dishes, The Mind Museum came to mind and good thing hubby scored an online deal for five all-day passes at a discounted price.

After a filling lunch at S&R, we excitedly headed to The Mind Museum and we spied some superheroes outside. I snapped this while waiting for their dad to park the car.

mind museum superheroes

After we were given wrist tags, madness ensued!

mind museum aedi the robot
took this photo after the madness, when Aedi was no longer talking

Many people were taking photos of the welcoming robot, so we went straight to the exhibit about weather and climate change.

mind museum weather and climate change

We were brought back to prehistoric times with this big screen.

mind museum dino cam
“Aaaahhhh! Dinosaurs are chasing us!!!”

Now, here’s a real dinosaur (skeleton)! Meeting Stan the T. Rex and looking at giant poop were cool!

mind museum dino skeleton

This was one of their favorite things to do – digging up more dinosaur fossils.

mind museum fossil dig

Another is building molecules.

mind museum molecules

Here in The Mind Museum, one gets to hold up the Earth in style.

mind museum earth

Or meet an astronaut under the twinkling stars.

mind museum astronaut

We got to watch a video in the teaching planetarium about the galaxy we’re in, the same galaxy that’s in us, while reclining and enjoying the voice of Woody from Toy Story. *winks* It’s entitled Passport to the Universe. It was cool and dark, therefore, it’s a place to rest so we could have more energy to roam.

mind museum galaxy

There’s so much to see since there were two floors and lots of exhibits.

mind museum escalators

Aside from learning about volcanoes…

mind museum volcano

The kids measured the size of the whale shark’s mouth using themselves.

mind museum whaleshark

Aside from seeing what cavemen looked like…

mind museum cavemen

The kids were presented with beliefs people have about achieving a longer life. How?

By laughing

mind museum laughter

By eating noodles

mind museum noodles

By serving others

mind museum serving others

By discovering the Okinawan “secret”

mind museum okinawan way of life

There were many more exhibits explored that we didn’t take photos of. Like:

  • the light bridge
  • the musical stairs
  • the giant brain
  • the periodic table of elements
  • the frequencies of sound
  • the screen that shows pictures of nature which one can spin to make them move in slow motion or in high speed
  • all about fungi
  • the phases of the moon
  • the mini arcade
  • the model of a bridge
  • etcetera, etcetera

There was even an outdoor Science-in-the-park with music-making and bubble-making contraptions plus slides, which the kids enjoyed. It was like a Science-themed playground.

I wish we downloaded the Mind Museum app before going, so that we could have a “tour guide” via the QR codes, such as this.

mind museum air tornado QR code

I’m sure my daughter had a hair-raising (literally!) experience at The Mind Museum.

mind museum static ball

My mind was blown away by this dizzyingly (literally!) beautiful rotating tunnel.

mind museum rotating tunnel

What I loved most was this thoughtful place for mommies and their kids. 🙂

mind museum restroom

And then, we entered the Superhero maze (which was full of mosquitoes! Yikes!) and we walked around JY Campos Park, where plant species were identified, as we headed to the parking area.


What would you like to see in The Mind Museum?


For more info, see Science come alive!


  1. Ooopss, I saw Iron Man! My son is an avid Iron Man fan so I am sure he will love to see that. Hopefully, this summer we can visit Mind Musem., Missed a Mind Museum event invite before, super nakakapanghinayang.

  2. Looks like the kids really enjoyed their day at The Mind Museum. I’ll take my daughter there sometime soon.

  3. Place looks so awesome. Would love to visit it soooonnn 🙂
    Cai Dominguez- Travelosyo recently posted..Where can 15,000php take you to Hongkong and Macau?

  4. Its been like forever since the last time we visit Museum. I think its about time right after reading your blog. Thanks for great photos, it looks like the kids had so much fun exploring the place.

  5. we visited Mind Museum two years ago, it’s just a quick visit since my son is too young pa to understand some of the activities. Now that he loves to watch Miles Tomorrow Land, he wants to go back again. Hope we can visit it again

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