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Family Getaway: EDSA Shangri-La Celebrated Mother’s Day, Cymplified!

I was excited to finally take a break because it’s Mother’s Day. A couple of days before that our helper went on her annual vacation. Who could blame me for desiring time away from the kitchen sink, the mop and the dust? There would have been more of that in the next few days to come.

So for the moment, I dressed up and showed up at the front desk, where I was presented with KitKat Rubies (mmm….!).EDSA Shangri-La Hotel also celebrated Mother’s Day with the moms. My family and I then went up to the 14th floor and was greeted by a bright and lovely room. I cannot wait to soak in the bathtub and curl up under the fluffy comforter later that night.


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The kids were treated to these chocolate chip cookies while they draw and play.

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On the agenda, of course, was swimming. I actually chose EDSA Shangri-La because of the water playground it has. Although the rubber flooring was crumbling in some areas, the kids had fun. It’s cool to see them practise a little of what they have learned in swim school last April.

But not while standing like the photo below.

edsa shangri-la water playground

There was a water slide into the kiddy pool which my eldest tried out.

edsa shangri-la water slide


We also posed for a picture in the hotel lobby where a garden picnic set-up was inviting the guests for a photo-op. Look at my flower crown! I would like to ride that bike!

edsa shangri-la picnic set-up

Even if I really, really, REALLY wanted to sleep in, my eldest woke me up the next day at 6 so we could have breakfast and more swimming time. How could I say no, when I was looking forward to the breakfast buffet spread at Heat? And coffee!

I brought my Daler-Rowney watercolor pad and Sakura Koi watercolor set along. The reason for that is because I wanted to finish this painting and write these words for mothers.

for mothers

Hope the other mothers out there also got their much-deserved break!


What do you think is the best gift for mothers?