before you go away on vacation infographic
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Before we go away on vacation… Cymplified!

Although intermittent downpours have been happening in my part of the world, I am not ready to give up summer just yet. I am still holding out hope that we would hit the beach. 🙂

When we do include it in our plans, I have to drag out our luggage. Aside from changes of clothes, underwear and pajamas; there must be swimming clothes, plus the kids’ goggles and kickboards. They love frolicking in water!

When all that’s prepared, save for the vitamins and toothbrushes that I leave until the day of departure, I make sure that our house is ready to be unoccupied for a couple or more days.

Before we go away on vacation, my husband and I have to keep the items on this pre-vacation checklist from SimpliSafe in mind and on hand. SimpliSafe is a wireless home security system that can help keep your home safe while you travel. The PDF file can be downloaded near the end, BTW. These are important, especially the one about protecting the home.

before we go away on vacation infographic

When we have peace of mind about the things we left before we go away on vacation, then, we could enjoy the wonderful time spent away from home with our family.

I always take delight in a good family adventure. Therefore, I must gear up ourselves with all our needs, especially the children’s, so we will not go last-minute panic-searching. I always include:

  • kid-friendly top-to-toe wash
  • mosquito-repellent oil
  • balms for headache, tummy ache, nicks and insect bites
  • kid-friendly sunblock lotion
  • their slippers
  • natural baby oil for their backs to prevent catching a cold while swimming
  • their vaccination records
  • a wet bag
  • their toys or art materials for the long trip
  • I think I should include pillows for sleeping in the car

These are some of the things in my own family trip with children checklist. 🙂

Download and print the worry-free pre-vacation checklist from the infographic above with this link:


Did you have a fun vacation yet? What other home safety tips would you share when going on a trip?


  1. Sometimes when we are away we can’t help but be anxious about everything that we have left at home. Good thing we now have such great infographics that will make sure we don’t forget anything and enjoy our vacay in peace.

    1. That’s true! I guess that’s the reason why there are house sitters.

  2. Melgie

    I love all the tips Sis. We will be going on vacation very soon. This tips are so helpful. I agree! I always clean the house, refregirator, and make sure is nice before leaving. I always feel good knowing that my house is nice and clean before leaving.

  3. If I may add, installing CCTV will give peace us of mind too so we can check our house while we’re away.
    Michi recently posted..Kidzania Manila

    1. Great tip! Especially if it’s going to be a month-long vacation.

  4. Thanks for sharing your great tips..I will definitely keep this in mind the next time I go away on a vacation.

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