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Guest Post: After Holidays Cleaning, Cymplified!

This guest post on After Holidays Cleaning is brought to us by Best London Cleaners.

As the holidays are finished, most of us are reluctant to get back into their regular routines. It can be daunting and stressful to move from lazy evenings by the fireplace to busy mornings at work, but life goes on and we have to keep pace with it. One thing that we should not forget is to put our homes in order so that we can come home after work to a peaceful and cozy living environment. So, before your days off are over, find the time to clean your place.

after holidays cleaning


Whether you had guests coming around for the celebrations or you spent the holidays away, your living space probably looks like a tornado has hit. So much was going on during this time of the year, that it’s difficult to keep your place clean and “decluttered”. So, to get things started, clean up the mess. Time to put the Christmas decorations away. Although they add beauty to your home, they’re a seasonal thing and you can’t keep them on display forever. Otherwise they will lose their meaning. Besides, the less stuff you have, the easier it will be to clean your home. Dispose of everything that doesn’t belong in your home and take away the rubbish.


The first thing you need to do to breathe new life into your home after the holidays is to vacuum. It’s better than sweeping. See, you need to get rid of every crumb or piece of decoration that might have found their way onto your floor/carpet. You know, Christmas trees tend to shed their needles all over the place. Vacuums are the name of the game. They will easily suck up all the debris instead of scattering it around like a broom might do. Make sure to reach all corners, under the tables and couch. Move around some of the furniture as necessary. Get rid of cobwebs too.

Clean room by room

A time-saving technique is to focus on one room at a time. When you are done with it, move to the next one, and so on and so forth until your house is back to its beaming state.

Let’s clean the kitchen first. It’s a central hub in the house and it usually receives most of the foot traffic during the holidays. Considering that you will have spent lots of time cooking for your family and friends, your kitchen might not be looking its best. Begin by applying a paste of baking soda and water on your oven so it has enough time to sit while you are cleaning the rest of the kitchen. Then wipe down all the countertops, island, shelves and cabinet fronts with a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner. Wipe down the fridge. Now, clean the sink using a good cleaner and disinfectant. When you are over, go ahead and scrub your oven to shine. The tips are provided by Domestic Cleaning Brixton.

Next, we’ll move on to another high-traffic area in the house. It’s the living room. We’ll assume that you have already “decluttered” and vacuumed every nook and cranny. So, now you want to grab a piece of cloth and wipe down all cabinets, shelving, tables and furnishings. Dust knickknacks, clean doors, wipe down skirting boards. Using a dry cloth, wipe down all electronics. The next step is to mop the floor. Use an all-purpose cleaner. Soapy water will do as well.

Time to clean the bathroom. Your bathroom may not be that dirty considering that you probably did a great job scrubbing it before the celebrations began. But still, it needs freshening. Pour some cleaning product into the toilet bowl and let it sit for a while. While you are waiting, clean the bathroom walls with a bathroom cleaner, all purpose cleaner or whatever cleaning product you have available. The same applies for the floor. Wipe down the mirrors and door. Now, go back to the toilet. Brush well and flush. Keep the sink until last. Scrub it well with a sponge or a brush. Rinse off.

And finally, clean the bedroom. There is not much to do in there unless you want to reorganize your closet. Wipe down all the surfaces, mop the floor and open up a window for a little while to freshen the air. Voilà! Now, go treat yourself to some leftover Christmas cookies as a reward. You deserve it.

Whether you like it or not, you have to do some post-holiday cleaning. The sooner you do it, the better. Roll up your sleeves and restore your home back to shine.


Did you do your after holidays cleaning already? Are there other tips you can share on making this easy and painless? :-p


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  1. i started cleaning around Jan. 7. it’s so hard to move on from the holiday hang over you know 😛

  2. Since our work resumes on the 4th of January, I started cleaning and packing as early as January 2. Medyo mahirap kasi parang genral cleaning ang nagyari. hehehe

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