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Family Day Out: Manila Ocean Park, Cymplified!

During this time, my son was very into sea animals. There was an app called ABC Aquarium which he loved. It supplemented his knowledge of the alphabet. His letter A stands for anemone, his B is for beluga, and his C is for coral, etc. I knew he would enjoy if we visited Manila Ocean Park.

This was also a post birthday treat for him and his achi. Glad there was an online deal, although, it’s sad that some were not operational.

These were the attractions that we visited and the shows that we watched, in no particular order:

All Star Bird Show. I think the kids would appreciate it more if we’re seated closer to the stage. At least we got the chance to interact a bit with these birds in our souvenir photo op. Not all birds were included in the picture-taking, however. By the way, I was a bit scared of the claws of the macaw (or cockatoo?) I was holding, that’s why my hand looks weird here!manila ocean park bird show souvenir photo

Penguin Talk Show. We sat through 30 minutes of this interactive animated penguin cracking jokes that I think the children didn’t understand and weren’t that funny, while dishing out little information about penguins.

manila ocean park talking penguin

Birds Of Prey Kingdom. This is an open sanctuary with where visitors could know more about the Brahminy Kites or Lawin in Filipino and could see the garbage on the shore of Manila Bay. We entered when the sun was starting to go down so it would not be too sunny, especially for the children.


I wonder what’s on its mind…

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Jellies Exhibit. J is for Jellyfish! We have learned that there are different kinds of jellyfish. It’s actually quite relaxing to watch these jellies float around. This area was dark so keeping an eye on all three children was a bit challenging for my hubby and me.


Snow Village. Here the kids got to experience what’s it’s like to be in a snow-covered place and very cold weather. We had to stay on the rubber floorings since ice is very slippery. I don’t think the snowmen were made from real snow or ice. Bummer! Also, too bad we weren’t able to interact with the penguins. But, we did see some of them behind glass walls.

manila ocean park snow village souvenir photo

Sea Lion Show. I was looking forward to watching this because sea lions are so adorable and intelligent. True enough, they were entertaining!

sea lion show

Oceanarium. And then off we went to see loads of fish and other sea creatures! Occasionally, my little boy would call out,


“Emperor Angelfish!”


“Sea urchin!”


It was a fun trip, albeit tiring! I should have brought my own bottle of water so I don’t need to keep buying. The downside is that it’s heavy, what with the kids’ own water bottles plus other things like hats, cloth diapers for wiping sweat and changes of clothes, etc. Comfy shoes are a must since there’s a lot of walking from one show to another. It also helps to know the schedules of each so there would be no rushing.

Have you been to Manila Ocean Park? What was your favorite show or attraction and why?


  1. Melgie

    A visit to an ocean park is such an experience for the kids. I never been to Manila Ocean Park, ganda pala! Hoping to visit that place with my family. My kids is such a big fan of fishes..
    Melgie recently posted..Influenster: Dessange VoxBox Review

  2. redamethyst

    this is a good way to bond with the family, very educational and fun. I hope we can also go there sometime.
    redamethyst recently posted..Are you a pizza lover?

  3. We’ve visited Manila Ocean Park in 2009 and 2013 and it seems that there are more attractions that we haven’t tried yet like the penguin and bird show.
    Michi recently posted..Soak up the Sun at Batangas Resort

    1. Maybe it’s time to head back?

  4. yes nakapunta na ko dito. and it was really a fun experience. pero minsan nakakaawa yung mga animals no? parang minsan, pagod na sila
    Marichu recently posted..Celebrating Heart’s day with Fireworks!

    1. Yeah, that’s true! We also don’t know what REALLY goes on behind the scenes, if the animals are well cared for.

  5. I am planning to bring my girls to Manila Ocean Park in two weeks… ‘been eyeing this deal online, I think Php899 was for 15 attractions. Which attractions were non-operational? Appreciate the tips so I can just buy the cheaper deals, in case the ones we like aren’t available. 🙂
    Grown-Ups For A Day! recently posted..*NEW!* Portia And Nemo Visit The Fun Ranch Playground!

    1. The jellyfish musical show wasn’t operational that time.

  6. The Filipina WAHM

    We visited Manila Ocean Park in 2011. I haven’t seen some of these attractions before. I hope we can visit them again soon. ^_^
    The Filipina WAHM recently posted..Why So Bare?

  7. What online deal did you got it from? Do you think it’s ‘sulit’ for couples? I am planning to visit their with my fiance on summer. 🙂
    theresa recently posted..KSeries: Mary Stayed Out All Night Complete Episode (English Subs)

    1. I forgot the deal site. There’s promo on the Manila Ocean Park website itself. I think it’s sulit for couples who are into this kind of things. You get to enjoy more attractions, like the fish spa, when you don’t have kids in tow.

  8. Maria

    I’ve been to the vicinity but never got inside Manila Ocean Park. It is a great way to learn about the animals.
    Maria recently posted..Once Upon A Time in Cabramatta

  9. This is one of the places I also want to visit together with my family. Don’t know yet when but we will keep it on our list of go-to places in Manila. Thanks for sharing your review.
    Chin chin recently posted..Sense of the Resurrection E-Book Review and Giveaway

  10. I know the kids really enjoyed your family day out. You spent it at the Ocean Park which opens a big opportunity for them to enrich their knowledge of up and down the sea animals and creatures. It’s a wholesome family affair!
    Gil Camporazo recently posted..RandomThoughts 4th Anniversary: Could It Survive?

    1. Yes, it is! They wanted to go back already.

  11. Melgie

    I been wanting to visit Manila Ocean Park with hubby back in 2008 when we were in Manila but we never did. I hope we can visit soon, my kids will love this. Thanks for great photo Sis
    Melgie recently posted..Sweet Memories with Friends

    1. Yes, visit soon!

  12. Oh you sure had fun! Wish I could visit the place with my daughter soon too!
    kareen liez recently posted..Choosing the Right Worktop for Your New Kitchen

  13. I’m so envious I’ve been wanting to visit the Jellyfish exhibit since forever! Is it cheaper to go for an online deal or to purchase it direct from the place?
    Donna || HEYLADYSPRING.COM recently posted..Photo A Day: January 2015

    1. I think online deals are better. You can check out the Manila Ocean Park website, they have promos there.

  14. I have never been to Manila Ocean Park. But ever since it was built, Daddy and I were already talking going there. And now that we have Matthew, we are more eager to go there but we have no time, hehe. Baka pag nag-fieldtrip na lang si Matthew.

    1. Hope mag field trip sila doon.

  15. Aby

    I havent been to ocean park, i have been planning to go there for a long time now. I hope this year i could push thru to my plans hehehe
    Aby recently posted..10 Things to do on Valentines Day

  16. Hope to visit this place too. Sana next time Matt had a field trip dito naman. hehehe
    Allan recently posted..HSBC’s “It’s On Us” Promo

    1. Sana nga, especially pag type nya mga ocean animals.

  17. momi THiNZ

    : i haven’t been there but i’m sure my son wiLL Like it there.. wiLL visit there soon. ^_^

  18. PinkyJhaney

    I’ve never been in Manila Ocean Park. And I’ve been wanting to go there before. I hope when I come back, I can bring my niece there. I’m sure she will enjoy there. 😉

  19. I haven’t been to the Manila Ocean Park but we have been twice to the SEA one at Sentosa here in Singapore. The kids too love looking at the fishes and animals that live there.
    Dominique Goh recently posted..A Chocolate Wonderland

    1. I have seen photos of people I know who have been to SEA, it looked wonderful!

  20. I’ve been to ocean park but I can’t remember when. That was a long time ago and then don’t have those new attraction you mentioned. It was pretty boring back then. This post made me want to go there. I want to see penguins, I think they are adorable and sea lions too.
    mayen recently posted..The 2015 Starbucks Planner and How I Decorate It

    1. Yes, penguins and sea lions are adorable!

  21. I’ve been to some places like this before. One in Subic and one in Bangkok, Thailand. Both places were really amazing and we had great experience on both places. What I love most is the Dophin show and Sea Lion show and this was in Subic. In Bangkok, I loved the idea of walking along the huge glass aquarium where you can see colorful fishes on the top and on the sides along the way.
    Krizza recently posted..Caring For Your House Pets

    1. Yeah, dolphins are very cute, too!

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