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Family Day Out: DreamPlay, Cymplified!

“It smells good in here!” Rix observed as we set foot in the City of Dreams, Manila. “I agree!” I replied. And it does! It’s as if someone sprayed the whole “city” with expensive perfume. Except when you reach the casino area, where a whiff of cigarette could be inhaled.

Well, we were not there to evaluate the odor quality of the place but to bring the kids to DreamPlay. According to www.cityofdreams.com.ph, DreamPlay is “a fully immersive, technology-rich entertainment space for the family.” And it is! Especially for the children who like Shrek, Madagascar, How To Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda and other DreamWorks franchises.

ouside dreamplay

We were greeted with a very long line from the ticket booth. It took us around 30 minutes to buy ours. I cannot imagine what the scenario would look like during Saturdays and Sundays. Good thing the kids were a bit “entertained” by the action going on above us: adults and big kids going back and forth on a hanging obstacle course, by the big replicas of the movie characters and by the artificial water lilies on floating pods in real water. It’s also great that the air conditioner was cold. I almost needed a jacket.

dreamplay hanging obstacle course

dreamplay donkey

dreamplay madagascar

Once we went through the turnstile, the place was not as packed as I expected. A sigh of relief escaped from me. Countdown started when we had our wristbands scanned. They’re so nice I wish we could bring them home! The children wasted no time climbing to explore, “swimming” in balls, and whooshing down slides multiple times. It’s a great and fun way to get active actually.

dreamplay wristbands
gooooo team! the accompanying adult gets the shrek band with the big mouth 😀

I think DreamPlay is a more sophisticated Kidsville, but with dimmer lights. Having been to Universal Studios Singapore, I cannot help but see DreamPlay as similar to it; sans the rides and lining up under the sun or in the heat, albeit smaller in scale and mostly for children. It is alike in the way the theme for each play area is carried out. It is comparable in its attention to details of the structures and the giant replicas of the characters. Even their Po mascot looks the same as the one in Universal Studios. I just wish we were given a map with a list of the names of all the attractions, too.

dreamplay chinese doorway

Two hours. That’s the option we chose. I felt like it was too short to enjoy everything, there were still more activities that we seemed to miss out on. Although, that’s enough to get a taste of DreamPlay to want more.

dreamplay kung fu panda

dreamplay details

I was glad we got to catch the seven o’ clock gingerbread man cookie-making activity in Gingy’s kitchen, although only Ella and Caleb were able to participate. At least the kids got to take home something that was not bought from the souvenir shop: yummy cookies! I don’t usually like the taste of gingerbread, but I like their recipe. I think the kids playing chefs was my favorite activity, so far.

dreamplay gingerbread man cookie
the window, the door and a shelf were screens where shrek, donkey and gingy would occasionally pop up to see what we were up to

Cayla and I went to the Dream Theater; we caught the showing of Almost Home, the teaser trailer of the movie Home. It’s a 4D attraction minus the shaking chairs. My legs were tickled and we were sprayed with water. Cayla asked where was the movie showing Fiona. The reason was that the design of the theater had the magic mirror in the “ticket booth”, the princess Fiona and ogre Fiona flanking the sides.

dreamplay dream theater


dreamplay dream theater
i love the cloud-like dresses of Fiona!

Admittedly, I got thirsty and hungry, so we bought food at Chez Gingy. Expectedly, the prices were sky-high. I am glad there’s service water or else I needed to buy a bottled water for Php280, if I’m not mistaken. Even more expensive than the red velvet cheesecake worth Php240, if I remember correctly.

dreamplay red velvet cheesecake

DreamPlay is a perfect melting pot of technology and active play. It’s a great place for the family to bond over games, activities and books. Yes, there is a room full of books to read with bean bags to lounge. I thought there was a storytelling session, but a guy said that feature wasn’t available yet.

dreamplay details

We went on a Friday and I think it was considered as a weekend.

dreamplay info from city of dreams website
dreamplay info from city of dreams website

Looking at www.cityofdreams.com.ph/entertainment/dreamplay, it seems that one could make a reservation. Try it and let me know how it turned out. We may go back next time. 🙂

Would you and your children (or grandchildren, nieces and nephews) visit DreamPlay anytime soon?


  1. Shay

    hi! I just want to ask if you can smell the cigarette inside dreamplay and can we bring our own water? Thank you very much. 🙂

    1. Hello! No, you cannot smell the cigarette inside DreamPlay. I am not so sure about bringing your own water, but you can try, I suppose, since kids need water while playing.

  2. Wow it looks fantastic in there! I’ve only seen City of Dreams from the outside and I was already impressed. The inside is even more magnificent, thanks for showing us 🙂
    Vera recently posted..Wake Up to Life

  3. Aby

    I want to visit dreamplay with my little cousin! They would totally love it there..
    Aby recently posted..Avengers: The Age of Ultron (2015)

  4. Maria

    This is a new place to visit. Even not so young at heart may love this place.

  5. Hmm, adult rates are cheaper. Is this place meant for kids only? Do they allow adults without kids in tow?
    Katrina Centeno recently posted..8 Relevant Quotes for My Awesome February and March 2015

    1. If the adults are accompanying and not participating, it’s more inexpensive. But if they will also do the activities, they will pay the same price as the kids. I don’t think they allow adults without kids.

  6. I’ve been wanting to bring my kids here because I think even my teens would love to visit.
    Louisa recently posted..Do More with Less with Electrolux and Abenson

    1. I think your teens will also enjoy!

  7. Thanks for sharing this, at least now I have reason to visit COD Manila. We’ve been in COD Macau but the only activity that my son enjoyed is Bubble Show. Ang expensive naman ng food and drinks.
    Michi recently posted..Amazing Waterfalls in the Philippines

  8. Oh my gosh! Dream Play! I want to take my daughter there before summer vacation ends!
    Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen recently posted..Useful Tips on Buying a Sofa

    1. Go! I am sure she will enjoy!

  9. With a place like that, with or without kids, two hours won’t be enough. I’ve heard of Dreamplay and I plan to take the kids there this weekend. Thanks for sharing, now I know what to expect.
    Elizabeth O. recently posted..Motivation Mondays: GROWTH

  10. I want to experience this but definitely fiance wouldn’t come. Sabi nya pambata, e child at heart naman ako. Haha
    theresa recently posted..Manicure Monday: Fish Net and White Creme

  11. Ang daya, you can’t bring the wristbands home, they don’t have some kind of souvenirs?
    TweenselMom recently posted..Fashion Styles And Brands You Can Check Out For Your Tweens

    1. Sadly, they don’t. Plenty of pictures and the merchandise you buy from their store lang.

  12. I do hope that after 5 years time dreamplay is still as great as you said it was, I would love to bring my kids here and now, but unfortunately I have this feeling that they won’t be able to enjoy it as thoroughly, so I’ll wait until they reach the proper age.. 🙂

    1. I hope so, too! That’s a practical decision. 🙂

  13. Joy

    Looks fun! Now, I want to go there too with the kids!!! Thank you for sharing, all your photos looks inviting!
    Joy recently posted..Scholastic Philippines Sizzling Summer SALE!

  14. Oh what a lovely place! I’m in love with the theater! I regret not going here when we passed by it tsk2
    Maan recently posted..The Hands-Off Mom

    1. Wow! You passed by Manila! You could have gone there to take advantage of the aircon, haha!

  15. I’ve been seeing post about Dream Play and I’m now really excited to go there. My baby is still too young for the activities but I’m sure she’ll enjoy looking around. Thanks for sharing.
    Kat Rodriguez recently posted..Lips Amigurumi Free Pattern

  16. been dying to check out this place, looks so nice 🙂

  17. Ayi

    I’ve been itching to go here with the kids. Hehe. Will check it out one of these days 🙂 Looks like konti lang tao? 🙂
    Ayi recently posted..Love Child: Legitimizing a Child after Marriage

    1. I think going on a weekday makes a world of difference in terms of the number of people, but there are still lines for some attractions.

  18. I’ve always been a fan of Shrek and so was my Kyle. I’m sure just like other kids, he’d also be delighted to visit Dreamworks at the City of Dreams. I just need to save up moolah for that though. 🙂
    Vance recently posted..Ai Ai clears the script revision issue: “It’s not true. There’s no such thing.”

  19. I want to visit this place, with my son. Wow the water cost to much lagi pa naman thirsty and hungry baby ko

    1. Kagulat no? Glad there was service water!

  20. We haven’t been there yet but the place looks nice. I’m sure my daughter and I will have fun there 🙂

  21. Wow! I think Dream is one of the grandiose active play here in Manila. The cookie-making activity is so cool. Will definitely bring my kids here. Thanks for sharing!
    celin mendoza recently posted..How to Tame your Kid’s Tantrums

  22. Looks interesting! I’m actually in the look out for places to bring my kids this summer. Do you suggest this for 4yo and 2yo? 🙂

    1. It IS interesting! I think your 4-year-old will have more fun, although there are a few activities your 2-year-old could enjoy. The place will be a visual treat for both of them.

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