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Arriving At Singapore, Cymplified!

If you are following me on Instagram, you might have guessed where I went last Holy Week.

goodbye philippines
goodbye Philippines!
hello singapore
hello Singapore!

We took Singapore Airlines, one of the world’s top airlines according to www.worldairlineawards.com. The flight was smooth and uneventful.The footrest was one of the best features of the plane, hehe! I love the very recent selection of on-board movies. Ella took advantage of the Disney TV shows for children. Don’t know why, but I chose the movie Love, Rosie. Have you seen it? For me, it’s a frustrating movie, haha!

I was excited for breakfast on the plane from some 30,000 feet up in the air. It was served by friendly yet brisk and efficient flight attendants. The kid’s meal included treats like corn dog, gummy bears and KitKat.

#Lunch @ The Landmark, SG. #cymplifiedontour #singapore

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I, together with my hubby Rix and eldest child Ella, went to the fine country Singapore! The photo in my Instagram shows where we had our first meal upon arrival. It’s an eat-all-you-can buffet restaurant located insideΒ Village Hotel Bugis. The food was mostly Indian cuisine, that’s why I’m glad there’s also pizza and pasta.

first plate @ the landmark, singapore

The interior of The Landmark looks great, though, with clean lines, interesting wall accents, cove lighting, contemporary chairs & tables, and pretty gold & crystal chandeliers.

interior of the landmark, singapore

Afterwards, we were shuttled to Vivo City, the largest mall in Singapore. That’s where we bought toys for the kids. I bought the Elsa and Anna Magiclip dolls for Cayla because stocks always run out in the Philippines. What’s better is that the price is lower!

When I gave her the dolls, she was so happy! For about three days, she kept saying to me, “I love my toys, mama!” πŸ˜€

frozen magiclip elsa and anna from singapore
bag not included! each doll comes with two magiclip dresses. both dolls sold separately.

At around four in the afternoon, we met up and checked in our luggage at Harbourfront Singapore Cruise Center for the cruise ship. We went on board Superstar Gemini after waiting a period of time and walked around the deck while taking some pictures. In the photo below, Ella’s holding a glass of welcome drink that looks like beer at first: refreshing iced tea.

The ship was smaller than the Royal Caribbean Legend of the Seas, but we got lost more often. Some areas can only be accessed from another exit inside a restaurant, and from the deck below it, even if I was already on the correct floor yet coming from another end. Is it confusing?

Our room had a big bathroom because it’s for PWD, but the tiles and other bathroom fittings show signs of age. The aircon in the room was not cooling, therefore it’s not comfy. I’m glad they assigned another room to us thanks to my sis-in-law’s complaint.

superstar gemini singapore

superstar gemini kiddie pool
this is the kids’ pool
superstar gemini @ singapore
do you see lots of lines?

After the walk, we were ready for dinner. Our group had a reservation at Bella Vista, a sit-down restaurant with a western set menu. It was a nice change from the buffet set-up. For appetizer, I had the beet soup with beans, which I found good in terms of taste as I never ate red beets before. I was nervous when I saw it, but soldiered on and took a spoonful, then another, then another, until not a single drop was left. For the main course, I chose the delicious lamb steak smothered in yummy gravy, side dishes were vegetables in tomato sauce and potatoes that looked like au gratin. Too bad the serving was small, I would have liked more lamb. To cap off the meal, a slice of moist black forest cake for dessert. Mmm!

How was your Holy Week?


  1. Mark Villar

    Soon I will update my bucket list in my blog and I will probably add Singapore on it. πŸ™‚

  2. Carmel David || PinkMyRidePH.com

    Aaaaahhh I love Singapore!!! A little too organized but still very vibrant! Glad you had a good time! πŸ™‚

  3. I have never been in SG but this one of the place that I want to visit soon. Super clean daw and discipline ang mga tao

    1. Yes, it’s clean and I hope PH could be like that.

  4. I wish we could visit Singapore soon. It looks like a very clean place.
    Mommy Levy recently posted..10 Reasons to Stay at Blue Palawan

    1. It really is clean.

  5. My sister went to Singapore few months back and she said it was a nice place to visit. Hoping that we can also travel to that country soon!

  6. Haven’t been on a cruise. And I super wanna try it. Parang ang sosyal eh. πŸ™‚
    Celerhina Aubrey recently posted..Happiness and Sunshine

  7. Krisna

    I’ve always wanted to go to Singapore lalo na when I’ve read post like this. I hope my husband and I could do there this year. Hindi kasi kami natuloy two years ago due to financial issue. πŸ™

  8. Ayi

    I wanna try the cruise. Was supposed to go on a cruise for my parents’ 25th anniversary but it’s so expensive and ang dami namin! hehehe. I hope to visit Singapore with the kids too πŸ™‚
    Ayi recently posted..Love Child: Legitimizing a Child after Marriage

    1. Maybe there’s a discount pag madami? Hehe!

  9. I miss going on cruises. It’s a good thing that we’ll be taking one next month and it’s the first time for the kids. Yey! πŸ™‚
    Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy recently posted..McDo Kiddie Crew 2015

    1. Cool! I’m sure your kids would enjoy! What cruise are you going on?

  10. it’s so sad and telling that in the photos from the plane, Singapore has lots of green spaces while Manila is so packed with structures! and to think that Singapore is such a small country! glad you enjoyed your stay. I’ve only been to Singapore airport and not really Singapore itself, he he, but I’d love for a chance to explore the country too someday!
    rina recently posted..Life with Twins: Yes, Every Day is an Instant Playdate

    1. I also noticed that. More trees = better air quality.

  11. I’ve always wanted to visit Singapore! Looks like you’ve had a lovely trip from the very beginning, from the very flight itself!
    Maan recently posted..Emergency Rooms, Preschools, My New Hair Color and Other Stories

    1. Yes, the flight was great!

  12. i love the book – Love, Rosie. But haven’t seen the movie yet. I’m now intrigued. Haven’t been to SG but I plan to do our travels once the baby is a bit old na para she can remember it.
    Celerhina Aubrey recently posted..Hey, its summer!

    1. There was a book pala? I didn’t know! Yes, it would be better if she could remember it para sulit.

  13. Now, I want to go back to SG, this time with our little girl. I honestly haven’t been on a cruise, I’ll list that on my future plans, a not so near future, haha, gotta save first.
    Kat Rodriguez recently posted..Lips Amigurumi Free Pattern

    1. Try the cruise, it goes to Malaysia, too!

  14. Been to Singapore 3 years ago and it’s a nice place and what i liked most is their transport system because it’s very organized. We found our ways even though we don’t have any tourist guide to accompany us .
    Sherlane recently posted..Disini Tech Legal Forum: Learn About Bitcoins, Data Privacy, Cybercrime and E-Business

    1. That’s wonderful! I haven’t tried the transport system yet. We just walked to where our feet could take us, hehe!

  15. Just stayed home, read a book and watched movies. It’s one of my dreams to ride cruise ships hehe.
    Maricel recently posted..Lookbook: Pink stripes and flare skirt

    1. I wanted to read a book on the vacay, but it did not happen. Haha!

  16. dianne

    its really nice to get out of the country with your fam!

    1. It sure is! We get to learn about another culture together.

  17. We had staycation at home last holy week, so nothing special. hehehe!. Cruising is in my bucket list, looking forward for your posts.
    Michi recently posted..Mesa Filipino Moderne

    1. Try cruising sometime! It’s like you’re in a moving hotel. Part of my bucket list is to go on the Disney cruise ship. πŸ™‚

  18. My husband’s been to Singapore and he says it’s a really nice place to be at. He tried the cheaper dining places though, the ones along the street and he said they were really good, too. He says he wants to take us there cause it’s safe.:)
    May De Jesus-Palacpac recently posted..How to fight depression for work-at-home moms

    1. Yes, I agree it is safe! Hope you get to see Singapore someday. It’s just very hot!

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