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Family Getaway: Pico de Loro Experience, Cymplified!

pico de loro

I guess I was longing for a summer getaway, that’s why I found myself gushing and sighing over the Instagram photos taken at Pico de Loro by Martine. Or maybe I just wanted to head to Pico de Loro. Thankfully, someone close to my hubby, Rix, has a unit in one of the condominiums there. So, we found ourselves heading to our second destination for some summer fun one afternoon. Since we will be staying at a condo unit, we needed to maintain the cleanliness of the place and bring our own easy-to-prepare food. Our itinerary involved hanging out in the pool, playing with sand, dipping in the salt water, taking pictures and for Rix, landscape photography. The kids even tried out the pool slide with their dad. They say Pico de Loro is a very exclusive resort, yet there are so many guests about!

Our Pico de Loro Experience

pico de loroAfter we scanned the unit,
and we rested for a bit.
After we placed the food
on the shelves like we should.

pico de loro
Rix and I on our bikes hopped,
rode and at the clubhouse stopped.
‘Pon entrance the guard called us
to leave our bikes on the grass.
He di’nt say exactly where,
he kept saying, “There! There! There!”
First dinner we bought rice
at a very steep price
at the rest’rant near the pool,
we waited long which was not cool!

pico de loroThe beach sand I found nice,
but, to my great surprise,
we swam with jellyfish!
That was not our wish!
Little ones swimming by,
made me want to say goodbye.

pico de loroOn the third day we headed
home on the road so winded
around the big mountain,
rode for a while, and then…
Looked back and took pictures
of the cove’s island features.

How was your vacation? Have you gone anywhere special?

Although it is a bit difficult to travel with small children, I do enjoy it. It is nice to go places with children. They get to see different scenes other than the city, and feel different textures other than plastic toys.

pico de loro


  1. I haven’t been to Pico de Loro yet and your photos make me want to visit that place. Nice poem!
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  2. M

    It’s so beautiful there, will surely bring my family there!
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  3. I want to go there with the whole family too!
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  4. Gosh! This is among the top on my list to explore!
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  5. Mommy Maye

    We just one summer getaway. Actually it was a late summer company outing but still we had a blast. Matt had enjoyed the quick stay at the spring resort in Laguna. We did enjoyed too and I agree with you it’s difficult travelling with the kids. I had to look after him all the time.

  6. maria

    When Pico de Loro was featured way back, I have been wanting to see the place.

  7. Came home yesterday from GenSan for a work related travel, but have not gone for a vacation with the family maybe next summer when Jewel is a little bigger na.
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