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Family Getaway: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Cymplified!

Our first summer family getaway was to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. I have to warn you that this is a long and photo-heavy post.

las casas filipinas de acuzar

One sunny Wednesday, we drove to Bataan to visit Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar for an overnight stay. We arrived right before lunchtime after being in the car for around three hours. It helped to have a printout of the map to the place. Checking in was a breeze as I have already paid for the room reservation using credit card. I also printed the confirmation letter which I knew was important, but Las Casas also emailed me asking me to sign the guest registration form and the fraud advisory form, both that I think could be filled up when we arrive and were not very urgent.

Anyway, we ate at Café Marivent, the Spanish restaurant in Las Casas for lunch. My eyes popped at the prices of the food, but I knew that that’s expected when eating inside a restaurant in a resort or a hotel. It’s also good that the viands were good for sharing. Sorry, I didn’t take any photos of the food. I’m sure you know what Pork Adobo, Beef Kaldereta, Pakbet with Bagnet and white rice look like. Hehe! 😀 The Pakbet lacked flavor, it’s just very orange from the achuete, I suppose. I liked the kaldereta, with cheese! The adobo was not as saucy as how we usually cook it.

We walked around after the meal and took photos.

shot with Canon Mark II
shot with Canon 5d Mark II by Rix

We chanced upon a booth with beaded necklaces and bracelets for sale. Ella, my eldest, engaged in its Marikit Jewelry beaded jewelry-making workshop. The price for children is 300Php for three bracelets, although we were given a discount. Ella made one for herself, one for Cayla and one for Caleb. So sweet!

marikit beaded jewelry
shot using Canon 5d Mark II by Rix
clockwise from left: fun with beads, aboard the calesa, during the heritage tour, picture-taking on the stairs, the pretty gazebo, mosaic wall painting in the opulent casa vyzantina
clockwise from left: fun with beads, aboard the calesa, during the heritage tour, picture-taking on the stairs, the pretty gazebo, mosaic wall painting in the opulent casa vyzantina

Check in time was 2:00 PM, and because we were still early, we took advantage of the calesa ride with a horse named Makisig, for 50Php per person, children four years old and below ride for free.

calesa ride
shot using Canon 5d Mark II by Rix

We rested in our big room, a studio with loft, before Ella and I went on the Heritage Tour – a walking guided tour of the owner, Mr. Jerry Acuzar’s collection of historical houses. The stories behind the characters of history books were quite interesting.

studio with loft
yay for bidets and bathtubs!

Dinner was at La Bella Teodora, a very dimly lit Italian restaurant famous for its thin crust pizzas, or so they say.

la bella teodora
yummy shrimp pizza! the ravioli was good, too.

I have read how lovely the place looks at night, with soft warm lights illuminating the facades of the restored houses and historical replicas. I looked forward to seeing them and asked my hubby Rix to capture them.

shot with Canon Mark II by Rix
shot with Canon 5d Mark II by Rix
las casas filipinas de acuzar
shot with Canon 5d Mark II by Rix
shot with Canon Mark II by Rix
shot with Canon 5d Mark II by Rix

What I liked about Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar:

  • It’s a unique, Filipino-themed resort.
  • It’s a wonderful mix of old and new, historical and modern. I am glad the bathrooms have modern fixtures, though.
  • My hubby Rix noted that the electric cables must be underground so as not to ruin the view and the vintage feel. Very well thought out!
  • There’s a swimming pool and a beach in the vicinity, which my daughter really looked forward to. The pool was very shallow, perfect for my little ones to frolic in.
  • All six of us were all given welcome drinks (sago’t gulaman), even if our room reservation was for four.
  • Aside from the free Heritage Tour and a Workshop Tour (a tour of workshops that craft the parts of the houses and artists at work), there are other things to do like riding the bicycle, kayaking, fishing and playing games like sungka, billiards and table tennis in the gameroom. There was even aerobics in the morning! Look like people of old times with Fotografia de la Escolta complete with Filipiniana costumes.
  • The people working there were courteous and friendly, I felt quite at ease in Las Casas. Vacations should be relaxing, right? When we came home, I did not feel tired at all.
  • The children felt at home in Las Casas albeit having a bit of difficulty walking on the uneven cobblestone-paved roads and the slippery wooden stairs going to our unit on the second floor.
  • Rix could fly his multicopter and take an aerial footage of the place. Yay! Please watch the video he made below.

Early morning on the next day, we went to bask under the sun on the sand near the sea, while sweating (or is it just me?)! Afterwards, we had a Filipino and American breakfast of bangus, longganisa, bacon and pancakes at Café Marivent.The accommodation comes with complimentary breakfast for four, we ordered additional pancakes for the two little ones.

second day swim and some sights
second day swim and some sights

Below are other romantic sights I captured from Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. I love the patterns made by the windows, arcades, and stone walls.

the picture in the middle is of a mosaic ceiling, lovely right?
the picture in the middle is of a mosaic ceiling, lovely right?

I would surely recommend this place to our friends who need a vacation and a temporary change of view. It’s a place rich in history and you’ll never know what you’ll discover behind every door, beyond every window and every arc.

las casas filipinas de acuzar
shot using Canon 5d Mark II by Rix


  1. The place looks beautiful! Parang back in time lang ang peg. We haven’t gone to a summer getaway and it’s nearly the end of May na!
    Marie recently posted..Rock Your Summer With Pure ‘N Fresh!

  2. Wow what a beautiful scenery, I love looking the pictures and especially the video it makes me feel that I am in the place. Good job to RIX for making the video with a soothing background music I love it.

  3. This is kinda like my ideal birthday getaway with my family. The place is so perfect with beautiful beach, historical building and shops to enjoy.
    Melgie recently posted..Easy DIY Gift Boxes

  4. That looks like a really fun and restful place to go on a short vacation. Love the pictures
    Dominique Goh recently posted..Survival Tips for a Stay At Home Mom

  5. Jhari

    Shucks! I’m so inggit. Beautiful place. And I love how the way they still preserve the vintage-ish feeling but at the same time, renovated the bathroom. Where exactly is this place sis?
    Jhari recently posted..It’s Summer Time

    1. This is in Bataan, Jhari!

  6. maria

    I need to visit this place ASAP! I love the Filipiniana look and it makes you bring back in time. Muy hermoso!

    In the words of Dora and Rafa, Vamos!

  7. I have heard a lot of great things about this place..
    Leira Pagaspas recently posted..The Fun Flavors of Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Entice Kids to Take Their Vitamins

  8. This is an awesome place! I would love to visit this vintage setting (but with modern bathroom – – I like this too!) … so picturesque! And your photos are beautiful, too!
    Pinay R. recently posted..CMZ Testimonial to ROJ – April 28, 2014 – AVP

    1. Thank you!

  9. I must say this is place to visit this summer. Next year I will suggest this place to my co-workers. Our yearly summer outing kasi is already scheduled on the 31st at Laguna 🙂
    Mommy Maye recently posted..Pinipig Polvoron

    1. Yes, do! This is a unique place. 🙂

  10. The photos are gorgeous! That’s expected since they were taken with a 5D Mark II. I actually wanted to own one at one point.
    Jemm recently posted..My Chocolate Ganache Cake and Some Baking Tips

  11. kat

    I want to visit this place some day. is there an option for day use/tour? Nice shots by your husband.
    kat recently posted..30 Reasons to be Thankful for in April 2014

    1. Yes, they offer day tours. Thanks!

  12. aby

    it was really a nice place!!! especially when the lights where turned on =)
    aby recently posted..Photo diary: Pasinaya 2014

  13. A very nice place to visit. Feels like travelling to the past. Lovely photos by the way.
    Where is this located?
    Allan recently posted..Father and Son Bonding: The Massage

    1. Yes, it’s like traveling to the past. Thanks! The ones shot with Canon 5d Mark II are by my hubby. This is located in Bagac, Bataan.

  14. Ida

    I saw this place being reviewed on TV but I didn’t see its entirety. Wow! Truly mesmerizing. Can the visitors also tour the other buildings? Really a great place to unwind and experience the beautiful facades of the past!
    Ida recently posted..Learning Is Fun At McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop 2014

    1. I think one can enter the other buildings with the help of a tour guide. 🙂

  15. Super love all your lovely photos. The place incredibly beautiful parang full package na andun na lahat from good place to stay, beach, good food and lot of places to explore.
    Belated Happy Birtday, Sis:)
    Melgie recently posted..Blue Nail Polish

    1. It’s really nice and peaceful!

  16. OMG! Ang ganda naman dyan, very historical ang dating! And I love all the photos, that’s the results pala of Canon 5d Mark II. I wish wish wish to have that gadget kaso wish wish lang it’s beyond our budget na.. hehehe
    JanzCrystalz/January recently posted..Jewel @ 5 months

    1. Next time, mura na yun for you. Yes, historical nga ang dating ng place. Kakaiba!

  17. Awesome getaway. The place is definitely a must-visit if only we have enough budget. I wonder how much it cost you to stay there.
    Chin chin recently posted..Jesus Paid My Bill

  18. Van

    And oh, belated happy birthday, sis. I hope you had a good one! Enjoy! 🙂
    Van recently posted..Now Watching: 127 Hours

  19. Van

    Ang ganda, sis! And oh, the aerial shot was very nice, too. Ang galing. Tama, wala nga akong nakitang electric cables ha. Your pictures say it all. I am sure you had a wonderful time. This is a different kind of resort compared to the usual, this one is more interesting and truly an awesome change from the typical resorts people go to. 🙂
    Van recently posted..Now Watching: 127 Hours

    1. I know, it’s not the usual beach resort, Las Casas has more to offer. 🙂

      Thanks for the greeting, Van!

  20. Aww… you did have a relaxing getaway. I love all the photos, most especially the photos of Las Cazas at night. Wish to take a visit there someday. This post is such an inspiration.
    Kristine Gavilano recently posted..Will My Social Life Be Affected When I Just Work at Home?

    1. Thanks! Hope you can see the place for yourself someday.

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