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Discovering God’s Purpose, Cymplified!


For a stay-at-home-mom, getting all dressed up, going to the mall or dining out with the husband and the kids spell excitement for me. And when we go on vacation out-of-town or abroad, I’m cymply blown away!

When I’m not out buying donuts or traveling with most of the house in our bags, I could be found feeding, bathing, and fussing over the kids at home. Who am I to complain? This was my choice and I am really grateful I could do these things. I think of my previous nannies and how they had to leave their own children with relatives, then go take care of others people’s children just so they could support their families. Quite sad, no?

It’s just that the monotony of it all sometimes has me asking: Is this really what I’m supposed to do? Am I doing this right? And the question from my post A Billion Entrepreneurs: What is my purpose?

I believe that knowing God’s will for us is the ultimate way to know what our purpose is. How do we find God’s will? The best place to look is in the Bible.

With the help of a reading plan from YouVersion, I discovered clues on how to find my life purpose. And I would like to share them with you. I have also made a downloadable file that we could print out and place in our homes or workplaces.

16 Clues to Discovering God’s Purpose for our lives:

  1. My purpose makes others think about God.
  2. Something I am good at is part of my purpose.
  3. I keep my eyes open for clues to my purpose!
  4. God will make me strong so I can do my purpose.
  5. Caring about something special is part of my purpose.
  6. My purpose makes others praise God, too!
  7. Knowing God’s Word reminds me of my purpose.
  8. God teaches me about my purpose.
  9. My purpose is made from every part of my life.
  10. My purpose helps others.
  11. God’s Word heals my heart so I can do my purpose.
  12. God will make the path to my purpose straight!
  13. I will do my purpose when I trust God.
  14. When I do my purpose, it makes a path for Jesus.
  15. When I hide God’s Word in my heart, God grows bigger in my life.
  16. When I listen to God, my brain will change and He will show me my purpose!

My two little ones would sometimes make me question my existence when they would pipe up, “Mama, what are you doing here?” A simple yet profound question, right? What am I doing here anyway? 🙂

How about you? What are YOU doing here? If you want to discover God’s purpose for you, you can download this one page list of purpose clues.

After you have downloaded it, let me know what you think. Did the link work? Was it helpful? 🙂


  1. Beautiful post. <3 I'm trying to realize my purpose as well. I took the spiritual gifts test awhile back, and my top 3 gifts are writing, faith and encouragement. I know my purpose is best realized through those 3 gifts. Hoping to actively get on my purposive path soon.
    TONI recently posted..Memory Crafters: Unboxing Memories

    1. Thanks, Toni! You really have a gift for writing. Your posts are very encouraging! I would like to take that test, too.

  2. This is such a great post.. I love everything on list especially number 9. I always think that everything happened for reason, that there is reason in everything happen in my life with the guidance on God I’ll be leading to the right path and discover my life purpose.:)
    Melgie recently posted..Chicken- Stuffed Crescent Rolls Recipe

    1. I’m sure God will lead you to where you’re supposed to be.

  3. Jhari

    God works in mysterious ways. I attest to that. Allah (God) always surprise me because he always send his angels to guide me whenever I need help – without even asking. It all came in an instant 🙂 The link did work sis. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Jhari recently posted..9 Signs You’re the Parent of a Frozen Fan

    1. Thanks for trying it out! Yes, God is wondrous in all His ways.

  4. aby

    thanks for the link! it will be helpful for me to know my purpose in life 🙂
    aby recently posted..Look # 33: Too Cute

  5. Oh wow, what an inspiring post. Will surely bookmark this! I have a strong feeling that my purpose is two-fold: to create jobs and to minister to young children and women who went through abuse. I have no idea why since I have no experience with either two, but I feel God speaking to me about this purpose.
    Maan recently posted..Yuri Turns 2: The Simplest Birthday Celebration

    1. Thanks, Maan! It’s cool to know that you can feel God speaking to you about your purpose. I am sure He will equip you to carry out His will.

  6. Ida

    I am humbled by my disability. It has taught me intangible things I will forever treasure in my lifetime most especially my relationship with Christ 🙂
    Ida recently posted..Lessons Learned Amidst The Challenges

  7. I believe my purpose goes back to glorifying God in everything that I do. I’m very far from perfect and I have to remind myself every time through a quiet time. Actually Ms. Cym, I only realized this thing when I started to stay at home too.

    I know that the purpose I stated above is quite general. You know when I started to establish some time to nourish my inner self, that is also when I found purpose why I wasn’t able to work again outside the house and started to appreciate losing my job and staying at home. I wrote about it here

    I believe God is leading me to where I am right now – at home with my son.
    Kristine Gavilano recently posted..The Heart of a Work-at-Home Mom Wannabe

  8. Since I became a mother, I always wanted to be a WAHM. Since then, I never find my peace of mind at my current work. I find my work boring and I’m always feeling lazy. Until just a month ago when I realized that I opposing God’s will. So I open my heart again to my current work and since then I became energized. Going to work everyday is easier. I can’t say I already find my purpose because I can feel there’s something more I can do and discover. Thank you for sharing this for I know this will be helpful in understanding my true purpose in life.
    Mommy Maye recently posted..Product Review: Tmart Water Glow LED 7 Colors Changing Lights Shower Head

    1. Hopefully, you get to discover that something more!

  9. I agree that our purpose in life can be found in the Bible. The very first purpose of God in my life is to be saved and to dwell with him eternally in due time. The next purpose of God in my life is that He may be glorified in my life. To accomplish God’s second purpose in my life, my daily prayer is that God’s will may be done in my life, and not my own fleshly desires.

    Very inspiring post. I hope that through your talent in writing many will come to know the Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour 🙂 Blessings!
    Mylene recently posted..Turned Two

  10. Wow I love this! Sometimes I feel like I totally understand my purpose, and some days I’m not sure. Gonna download the purpose clues, I think it might help me understand more. 🙂
    Patty | MrsC recently posted..48 Photos Week 8: Calm

    1. I feel that way, too, Patty! Sometimes it seems so simple, and sometimes life is so complicated.

  11. I will be checking the link in a while. I have been questioning my purpose but Rick Warren’s purpose driven life pulled me through
    Marie recently posted..WeChat & Lazada: A New Way to Connect and Snag a Special Deal

  12. Now that I have reached my golden years, I have already found my purpose in many things. I have realized, he has put me where I am so I can touch more people… Many times, I have wondered why things happen (never thought of myself in Administration), and there is always a reason to explain experiences whether good or bad.
    I feel even bad experiences lead to good things and turn of events… and all because he has a purpose for it to happen and a purpose for us to do our part!
    When we had the CMZ B.R.A. project, I myself am amazed how things came to place, but I feel it was His hand which showed us the way!
    When we got the Philippine Quality Award for Ciudad Medical Zamboanga, I also could not believe that it happened, but he places good people around us for us to be able to reach our goals, which is again His purpose and we are just instruments for things to happen!
    Let us always trust His ways… He will lead us wherever He wants us to be!
    Pinay R. recently posted..CMZ’s Philippine Quality Award Journey: Reflections

    1. I so agree with you, Pinay! Yes, let’s always trust God as His will is always the best.

  13. I clicked the link and I was prompted to request access. I’ve been thinking about purpose a lot lately so I am hoping your guide can help me 🙂
    Vera recently posted..Lazada Shopping: Insect Killer

    1. Thank you Vera! I will change the settings. It’s my first time to share a PDF via Google.

  14. Interesting link..will check it out. For Me I feel my purpose here is to guide the kids that is why I’m at home at the moment. BTW it says that I need permission to access the google doc from the link that you put in the post above.
    Dominique Goh recently posted..Writer’s Workshop: So Fun Travelling

    1. Thanks for trying it out, Dominique! Will change the setting, hope it’ll be okay. Me too, like you I am at home and being with the kids 24/7 means my purpose has something to do with them. 🙂

  15. I am still wandering what is my real purpose in life. But for whatever it is, I am glad to accept it.
    Allan recently posted..My First Sample Room Package

    1. Hope you get enlightened, Allan!

  16. redamethyst

    Sometimes, I am still thinking what really my purpose here on earth. But as long as I am happy, I make my loved ones happy, and I share my knowledge with others and be able to inspire them, I think I am doing just fine and my purpose but still I would probably download the clues on discovering my purpose here.
    redamethyst recently posted..Sunday Exercise

  17. kat

    The list is a good guide. I will note these down. I have a simple guide for everything I do: Will this make me happy? Will I hurt other people by doing this? I think I need something to incorporate God into the picture. Your list will be my guide. Thanks, Ceemee!
    kat recently posted..28 Reasons to be Thankful for February 2014

    1. Welcome, Kat! Your simple guide is also helpful.

  18. Good question! I don’t know exactly what I’m doing here but I’m content and happy being with my family and kids. I get a chance to work and take good care of my family at the same time. I know God is leading a good path and direct me to be good Mom, Wife, Friend and Daughter. Great post! Sis:)
    Melgie recently posted..Crossing Path Beaded Bracelet

    1. Thank you, Melgie! Being the best mom, wife, friend and daughter we could be and glorifying God is why we’re here, I believe.

  19. Carmel

    Nice post, Cym! I especially like #16. During those times when I REALLY listen, my brain isn’t the only thing that changes, the heart does too. Our purpose makes our hearts feel at peace — I think this is another clue. 🙂

    1. Yes, I agree with you, Carmel! We have peace when doing God’s purpose for us. 🙂

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