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Daily Positive Things, Cymplified!

quote by Richard DeVos
There are Facebook memes going around again. I was tagged by my friend in one of them. The challenge was to post three positive things every day for seven days. I’m happy to report that I did all of them.

I don’t usually jump on bandwagons and join memes like these. Take for example the “secret” statuses that are supposedly to raise breast cancer awareness, but I never saw how it was connected to breast cancer itself. I also feel uncomfortable tagging people.

But, I’m glad I did this because, who doesn’t like positivity in life? This experience has made me realize some things. For one, it’s okay to tag people for meaningful memes, it’s still their choice whether they will accept or not.

5 lessons I learned from the daily positive things challenge:

  1. There are many positive things in life, if only I will look. I was worried at first. What if I don’t have anything to positive to post? Then, I thought about counting my blessings; this is a good way to do it.
  2. It feels good when friends choose to do it. It’s like passing along the positive vibes and helping them see the positive things in their everyday, ordinary lives.
  3. Focusing on the positive lifted my spirits. I felt happier and less temperamental.
  4. Every little positive thing counts, and every little gesture of appreciation matters. Like my children’s sweet laughter and the yummy treats my hubby brings home sometimes.
  5. Social media can be used to my advantage. I got the chance to express my own appreciation of the presence of Jesus, and of my family members in my life.

When the seventh day came around, I was bursting with more positive things to add!

Did you do this meme too? What are some of the positive things that you posted or are thankful for?