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Family Getaway: Aurora Adventure {part 2}, Cymplified!

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Ditumabo Falls

We were told to finish our breakfast by 8 o’ clock, even though we weren’t planning on going on the trek itself. I was thinking that maybe I could just catch a glimpse of the falls… They were going on a trek to Ditumabo Falls dubbed as Mother Falls in Aurora. They were going to cross the streams with large, slippery rocks and maybe even wade through water.

We climbed aboard the vans, around four for our large group, and cruised through coconut trees and rice fields. When we stopped at the starting point of the trek, my hubby Rix hired three men to help us, mainly the kids, to reach the falls. It turned out, we were going on a trek to Ditumabo Falls, we were going to cross the streams with large, slippery rocks and maybe even wade through water.

I was nervous, of course! But, I soldiered on since the kids had already started walking ahead until I can only catch a glimpse of them while I’m crossing a makeshift bamboo bridge sideways or picking which stable and rough rock to step on. Before I knew it, the second part of my Aurora adventure had already long begun. On the seemingly endless hike, my heart rate was picking up speed, I had to stop and drink from the stream flowing from the falls, my husband even helped me climb up a rocky upslope. We were almost there!

The destination of our long journey was finally in sight. Yay! Many people were already frolicking in the cold, cold pool below the falls. We all basked in mist and cool sprays of the Mother Falls. I didn’t attempt to go under the waterfall itself, though. The pressure must be too much for little kids. It’s wonderful that my children did not complain about the trek, but my eldest was annoyed that I didn’t let them wear their rashguards. Sorry, kid! But the trip to the Mother Falls wasn’t really planned!

dimatubo falls

I am glad that I was forced decided to try something (out of my comfort zone), as Franklin Roosevelt suggested. ๐Ÿ™‚

My son slept through our lunch at a nearby affordable buffet restaurant called Gerry Shan’s Place, if I’m not mistaken. We were quite hungry after a long walk, even if we had snacks on the way to the waterfall and back. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dicasalarin Cove

While our vans stopped to secure an entry to Dicasalarin Cove, I snapped aย photo of this rocket-like structure, which turned out to be a lighthouse.

dicasalarin cove lighthouse baler aurora

Here’s a shot while we’re on the private beach. It was pebbly under the water, some stones were even sharp, and the waves were very strong. Swimming with little ones is NOT recommended.

aurora adventure dicasalarin

dicasalarin cove aurora

We were toured only on the beach where the kids saw a hermit crab and a bee on the light-colored sand. Beyond that, there was nothing else to do. A tour guideย kuya even volunteered to take our family picture using my hubby’s mobile phone.

ย family@dicasalarin aurora

You know what I realized when we got back to Costa Pacifica? My flip flops from Havaianas were pretty strong to have survived the arduous journey to Ditumabo Falls. ๐Ÿ˜€

I wonder where our next summer trip will take us…


  1. I can tell from the photos that you’ve enjoyed your adventure! It’s a great place!

  2. I haven’t been to Aurora and now I see what I’ve been missing. Will plan a trip soon.
    Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen recently posted..Trinoma Food Crawl

  3. I’ve never been to Aurora before but I really want to go there someday. Great photos you have here. I especially love the one with the lighthouse.
    Janice / The Roller Coaster Ride recently posted..Roller Coaster Ride Turns 4 (and a 2015 Everything is Possible Planner giveaway!)

    1. Thanks, Janice!

  4. Such a beautiful place. I miss the beach tuloy. ๐Ÿ™ Haven’t been out of the city for more than a year now. Pero babawi ako ng bonggang bongga paglaki ni baby. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Celerhina Aubrey recently posted..Review: Custaroonery by Gigi Gaerlan

    1. Yes, nakaka-enjoy, although nakakapagod din, to go places with your baby.

  5. I love going to waterfalls but I’m always afraid I’ll drown. Good job to the kids for enjoying the trek.
    Paulline @ milastolemyheart recently posted..Party This Weekend at the Sandstorm Electronic Experience

    1. We can admire the falls from afar!

  6. I want to go there too! We love the beach and we can stay there for hours!

    1. The beach, especially the sand, is fun for the kids. But the waves in that area are very strong for little ones.

  7. Beautiful photos, Cym! I’m sure the scenery was breathtaking. We really need to go out of our comfort zone; we recently went to Mt. Apo din but I think you went through trekking that was a lot more arduous haha ๐Ÿ˜€
    Maan recently posted..Kids Say the Craziest Things

    1. Nice, Mt. Apo! I’m not sure about the mountains, though, hehe!

  8. I’m a paranoid mom so I always exclude falls in our itinerary if there’s trekking involve. Nice shot of the lighthouse.

    1. I know what you mean by being a paranoid mom. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  9. Wow! The Dimatubo Falls is so beautiful. Did the local government provides life vest to the tourist? I want to visit Baler, in fact this is part of my bucketlist. We were planning to go here last wedding anniversary but my daughter got sick plus fully book yung costa pacifica. Huhu.

    Nice family picture! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rackell recently posted..City Escape with Friends

    1. Unfortunately, we were not provided with life vests. Maybe the booking should be made super early!

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