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A Billion Entrepreneurs, Cymplified!

What does the word ‘entrepreneurship’ mean? It has always been about developing and running a business to make a profit. There is a movie called A Billion Entrepreneurs, a crowd-funded film, set out to redefine the meaning of entrepreneurship. Through the movie, Filmmaker Jimmy Newson wanted to share that entrepreneurship would mean:

taking responsibility
taking responsibility for outcomes

It all starts with this question:

what is your purpose?
what is your purpose?

Everyone wants to know what their purpose in life was. What are they sent to the world for? Why do they even exist? I know I asked myself, and God, these questions many times. And when we have discovered what our purpose is, we then ask, what do we do with this purpose? This is where entrepreneurship comes in and how A Billion Entrepreneurs seeks to inspire people around the world to take up this purpose and do something worthwhile about it.

A Billion Entrepreneurs is a documentary film that follows real-life entrepreneurs “as they leave a trail of impact, inspiration, mentorship, and responsibility in their business and personal lives which has an effect on countless people.” The purpose of this movie is to allow the viewers to understand how invigorating it is to be an entrepreneur and to empower them to believe that they can do it, too. Not just the adults, even children can be entrepreneurs and change the world for the better. The idea of solving a problem a person is passionate about should be exciting to an entrepreneur. The movie wishes to make a billion entrepreneurs with their catalyzing statement: an entrepreneur in every home.

Can a stay-at-home-mom like me be an entrepreneur? What does taking responsibility for outcomes mean for me? Taking responsibility for outcomes means being a better mom. Taking responsibility for outcomes means freedom to do what’s important to me, security for my children and success in living out my purpose, for me and my family. This movie will surely be worth watching by everyone.

Know more about the movie here:, if you think it’s super worth it, you can also make a contribution and receive the corresponding perks like the movie’s special edition DVD or a video chat with the director Jimmy Newson & more. 🙂

What are your thoughts on the movie trailer? Do you want to be an entrepreneur?

Note: I was compensated to write about A Billion Entrepreneurs.


  1. Meikah Ybanez-Delid

    Wow, call it serendipity! I just embarked on being a mompreneur, and here you are talking about its opportunities and possibilities. Will check on that vid soon and yeah let’s exchange ideas in the coming days. 🙂
    Meikah Ybanez-Delid recently posted..Life Happens

    1. That’s wonderful! What’s your business?

  2. I am aspiring to be a mompreneur. Though I am not after becoming a millionaire just enough for me to be a WAHMy 🙂 This movie is really interesting so I will surely watch it, thanks for sharing.
    Mommy Maye recently posted..Homeschooling + Ash Wednesday

    1. I am sure you can be a mompreneur!

    2. I am sure you could be a mompreneur!

  3. Pinay R.

    As doctors, we don’t usually think of ourselves as entrepreneurs.But in hospital admin, we have to place our minds ion the entrepeneur’s mindset.

  4. Jhari

    This is the first time I’ve heard about this campaign. Awesome write here Cym 🙂
    Jhari recently posted..Reading Musical Notes

    1. Thanks, Jhari!

  5. I really want to be an entrepreneur too! I just need to really look deep within me to find out what it is I can do. I mean, I’ve got so much interests but what is the one thing really that I can get into business for, right? Ah. I’d love to see checkout that docu, thanks for sharing!
    Vera recently posted..Self Survey–How Are My Finances Doing?

    1. I know what you mean. There are so many factors to consider when starting a business.

  6. my mom’s ultimate dream is to become a mompreneur, she has a small food business now which she and my dad run. someday, she wants to build her own bakery as she loves loves to bake. 🙂

    as for me, i am a SAHM but I am afraid to try being a mompreneur. but you’ll never know, i might change my mind and venture too. God knows how much i badly wanted to help my husband with our finances.
    Van Cruz-Gabaza recently posted..New CD Stash + A Comparison

    1. Yes, I also want to help my hubby financially.

  7. the documentary film looks interesting. Hope to find it in the net so I can watch it too.
    Allan recently posted..Little Artist’s Entry: Betty-fly

  8. This is very inspiring, we can be an entrepreneur in our own little ways. I really want to do something for me and family just can’t figured out something good as of now..:)

  9. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I just don’t know what kind of business to start. I’m still thinking of a unique product or service offering. 🙂
    Janice / The Roller Coaster Ride recently posted..My #100HappyDays (Day 1 – 7)

    1. It’s really tricky to start a business that’s why successful entrepreneurs are awesome.

  10. I always want to be an entrepreneur I just don’t know where to start. I’ve been praying for a source of income which will not tie me to my computer for so long.
    Mylene recently posted..The Fake 500 Was Refunded

    1. I am also praying for a source of income, any source.

  11. I’m not sure if entrepreneurship is for me. But I love the idea of leaving a trail of impact and inspiration. This is definitely something I want to do in life. 🙂
    Patty | MrsC recently posted..The Lazada Ultimate Gadget Craze Is On! Can Someone Please Feed My Tech Envy?

    1. It sure would be nice to be able to inspire others.

  12. anyone can be an entrepreneur as long as you set your mind into it. My lola was the ultimate mompreneur she was a widow with 11 kids she started her own business and she raised her kids and grew her business on her own.

    1. Wow! Your lola is admirable!

  13. I don’t think entrepreneurship is for me but it is certainly possible for a stay at home mother to be one.
    Dominique Goh recently posted..Top 10 Highlights of February

    1. I always thought you are a stay-at-home-mother.

  14. Wow, this documentary just sounds amazing. I want to show it to my boyfriend, whose passion in life is to start a business and to provide jobs. This seems empowering!
    Maan recently posted..Fun and Frugal Finds for February

    1. I know, seems like an inspiring film.

  15. aby

    this is perfect! i want be an entrepreneur for the rest of my lifetime someday.. well i think i am starting my dream to be one when i open my online shop here :
    aby recently posted..Look # 18: Let it Go

    1. That is great Aby, and love that many people are buying from your online shop.

  16. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur as well, that’s why I started a home-based baking business earlier this year. I watched the trailer, by the way. I think it’s something that should be watched by those who want to learn more about being an entrepreneur.
    Jemm recently posted..Yeastless Pizza Crust Recipe

    1. Wow, that’s cool! Good luck on your business.

  17. most people are afraid to inquire… and I think that this is the simplest way for us to acquire the knowledge, like what the lady mentioned in the trailer. i am an entrepreneur and my parents and i run a small business 🙂
    Farida recently posted..Today I Am Comforted…

    1. ‘Di ba there’s a saying, “Ang tanong nang tanong ay tanga, ngunit ang taong hindi nagtatanong ay nananatiling tanga.” 🙂

      1. cym, sana we could bump into each other somewhere out there. ang nice sa UP town center no? my pamangkins kept on running in the open space kaya ang gana nila when the food arrived 🙂
        Farida recently posted..Torch @ U.P. Town Center

        1. Sana! Are you near U.P lang?

  18. I want to be an entrepreneur while having a day job, though I know it’s really hard. I can’t leave my job since it’s my bread and butter. I hope one day I’ll have the urge to start what I want.
    theresa recently posted..February Collective Haul

    1. We can start with our blogs and see what we can offer from there. 🙂

  19. I want to be mompreneur too in the near or far future. I want to start something while still working butI still have to do so much thinking.. 🙂

    1. Starting something huge really needs lots of thinking!

  20. We took one step to being an entrepreneur, we finally have our business name! This movie is very interesting , thanks for sharing. By the way, I admire your blog design
    Jude recently posted..Face to Face with a Grown-Up Bully

    1. Good for you! Thank you, Jude!

  21. Meikah Ybañez-Delid

    To be a mompreneur is my ultimate dream! 😀 One day, I would find time to really think and embark on this. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Meikah Ybañez-Delid recently posted..Busy

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