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Trying New Food {Balkan Express}, Cymplified!

Trying new food together is one of the many adventures marriage brings.

One sunny afternoon, Rix and I traveled all the way to San Juan just to eat. He loved the beef goulash at Balkan Express. He even asked me to cook it by describing it to me. I also kind of followed a recipe online. I didn’t know if it was close to what he tried because I have never tasted it. Here is how my version looked like:

trying new food

Well, I guess he also wanted me to experience the taste so my dear hubby brought me to Balkan Express. One of the things I love doing with Rix is trying new food together. It gives us a chance to know more about each other’s preferences. I had the PLJESKAVICA, while he ordered the CEVAPCICI, and we each slurped a cup of GOULASH. *burps*

trying new food

Eat then run! That’s it! So simple, right? Yet, I feel so blissful. <3


  1. The first one was new to me. Seems like sopas with beef. How does it taste?

    1. Very tomato-y! With lots of spices. 🙂

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