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Siblings Are For Loving, Cymplified!

They continue to boggle my mind, these children of mine.

One moment they are laughing, the next they are crying.
One moment they like the toy, the next they are hurling it across the room.
One moment they are ready to nap, the next they would be wide awake.

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I sure love the moments when…
Achi would build a toy for her shobe.
Shoti would hug achi for no reason at all.
Ahya would gently pat his shobe‘s head.
Achi would give her shoti and her shobe each a smooch.*
All three of them would huddle, lying on their tummies, in front of the iPad then play a game together or watch a video together. If something amuses them, they would laugh together.

And then there would be times when I think that having just one child was enough. Because there was just one iPad. And I don’t know what to do when they all cry at the same time. Would they even grasp the concepts of sharing and taking turns? With their pushing, hitting and biting at times, I would be led believe that they don’t love each other. How do I teach them to cherish and treasure each other anyway? How do I show them that siblings are for loving?

having siblings

That’s the inspiration for this poem. Siblings are family and friends all rolled into one.

Do you have brothers or sisters? What do you love about having a sibling?

*Achi – older sister
Ahya – older brother
Shobe – younger sister
Shoti – younger brother


  1. But about two years ago, my heart caught in my chest when I received the devastating phone call that both Monica’s mom and dad had been killed in a car wreck. All of our friends were stunned and couldn’t begin to wrap our minds around the news. But when we arrived at the double funeral and played Monica’s favorite hymns as she and her younger brothers — all in their twenties — walked down the aisle together, it was one of those moments when life gets real. But even through their deep deep grief, she and her brothers spoke again and again about their fierce belief in hope. And their belief that somehow, someway, they trusted that God would be faithful to help pull them through. It has not been an easy road, but through the months and years after, and through all of the ups and downs of grief, they have taught me a lot about what it looks like to persevere and cling to that hope.

  2. My kids are like that, too. I sometimes get exasperated when I hear each kid’s sumbong, but when I go and confront them for their behavior, they have made up na. lol
    Marie recently posted..The Wedding Coins

    1. Haha! Kids talaga are funny!

  3. I always loved having someone to play with even if we didn’t always get along.
    Christy Garrett recently posted..Happy 2nd Birthday to My Baby Boy!

  4. ah, siblings… my kids are like that too. I guess, it is apart of the ‘growing’ process. One thing I’ve noticed with my kids (5 & 8) and their relationship with each other is that they are pretty good about working through whatever it might be, something I try to do is encourage them to solve their own issues; at times that requires me helping them resolve, but mostly allowing them to work through it together. I also make sure they have alone time and things that they do as a team.
    Amy @mommetime recently posted..The Fallen

    1. I also agree to let them work out their issues, although it is tempting to interfere. I just make sure they don’t hurt one another.
      ceemee recently posted..Communicating Positively With Our Children, Cymplified!

  5. I have one younger brother –when we were younger we had many ups and downs drove our parents batty! Into our teen we seemed to go our own ways the one thing we did have in common was the love of spots, that built some strong memories. At 18 my brother moved out of state–I sort of feel like an only child at some points because now that my parents are getting older I’m the one helping with their issues. Now we both have children, I love the few times a year we get together and watching our children making memories with each other too.

    1. It is fun to see our children interacting with the children of our siblings. 🙂

  6. tet

    I love my siblings too! They’re the bestfriend I didn’t have. I wish for one more. A kuya. 🙂
    tet recently posted..Nail and Accessories Haul. ^o^

  7. It’s fun to have siblings even when we are not that really close. It’s fun because you have partners in crime. Hehe… Kidding aside, having siblings makes you feel you are not alone.
    Mommy Maye recently posted..$100 Paypal Giveaway!

  8. I have a sibling 6 year younger than me. It is really fun to have siblings. This makes me a bit responsible and made me learn to make household chores because during my moms pregnancy with her, I learned those things.
    Allan recently posted..Another Blessing

  9. jellybelly

    I’ve never experienced this special bond even with cousins. I’m an only child and my cousins are either as old as my mom or so much younger than me.

  10. I also had a love-hate relationship with my sibling when we were younger. But we’re bestfriends now, ganyan lang yata pag bata away-bati talaga.
    eLLa (r) recently posted..Tortang Talong with Giniling

  11. i happen to have 6 younger brothers. yes i am the eldest and the only girl! haha! riot talaga when i visit them here in manila when we were kids. i didn’t grow up with them kasi i was raised by my lola and lolo in the province. but we’d always visit them during vacation. 🙂 btw, thanks for sharing the poem. nakakatouch talaga!
    Vanessa recently posted..Excited For Summer!

    1. That’s a lot of brothers! Your mom must be so patient in taking care of them.

  12. Meikah Ybañez-Delid

    My kids are like that, too. I guess this is the nature of sibling love. LOL… but we all know they love each other for sure!
    Meikah Ybañez-Delid recently posted..Go out and VOTE!

  13. Your post makes my miss my siblings who are in our hometown, while I’m here away from them. I was happy they visited me two weeks ago, my two older brothers.
    JanzCrystalz recently posted..A Celebration of Love, Happy Mother’s Day

  14. Mylene

    When we were younger, my siblings who happens to be all boys and I usually fight with each other. I wish I had a sister then.
    I hope my daughters will be close to each other when they grow old.
    Mylene recently posted..How To Quit Vices

    1. My brothers used to tease me so much before.

      1. They did too, pero ngayon matatanda na kami kaya medyo usapang life na + minsan may biro-biro pa rin.. hehehe
        JanzCrystalz recently posted..A Celebration of Love, Happy Mother’s Day

        1. Ako, minsan niloloko pa rin because of being fat in their eyes.

  15. What I learned from being a sister or a sibling is that no matter how we hurt or disappointed each other in one way or another, we still have a bond – an unbreakable bond that will make us help each other during difficult times.
    Kristine recently posted..Newly Harvested Mangoes!

    1. Yes, that’s true!

  16. i and my sister have our fair share of fights but at the end of the day, no one can stop us from being sisters and that we are always helping each other and love each other.. having a sister like my sis is something I am thankful of..

    1. Sometimes, I wish I have a sister too.

  17. Because of the big age gap between me and my siblings, I never really get close to them. I long to have someone who could listen to my every problem and understand me during my darkest moments but this has not been my case, thus I cling to friends most of the time.
    KRIZZA recently posted..Steps to Being Financially Secure

  18. Mys

    I have 3 kids too. They are completely amazing and they drive me crazy. I would have stopped at 2 but God gave me 1 more gift. It’s difficult to explain the concept of sharing and taking turns. but somehow the 2 bigger kids have adapted. By checking the watch, and I make sure they get equal playing time.
    Mys recently posted..My May Birthday Giveaway

    1. That’s a good idea, maybe when they are a little older.

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