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Goodbye Babyhood, Cymplified!

Is it really goodbye babyhood for my baby?

My littlest one turned 18 months old. According to Babycenter, “Many parents say that this is when they stop thinking of their child as a baby.” Well, I think I would always see Cayla as our baby because she’s the youngest and she’s petite. But, although she’s small, she’s very smart and she’s a quick learner.

goodbye babyhood

The way Cayla likes to walk around and climb chairs, not to mention her repeating the words we say and the desire to feed herself make her more of a toddler each day. But, even if it’s goodbye babyhood, she wouldn’t forget to ask me to carry her and I would take the chance to hold her closer, to hug her tighter.

What I found adorable when my children were still babies were their toothless grins. That sure is one of the things I would miss as we welcome toddlerhood and eventually pre-school. Just look at those chubby cheeks! And that grin could be accompanied by maybe a little giggle. 😀


Babies and love really do go together!


  1. My son, for me, is my baby forever. He will turn three soon. How time flies talaga.

    Mommy Maye2

    1. I know! Kids grow up so fast!
      ceemee recently posted..End Of A (Breastfeeding) Journey, Cymplified!

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