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Exercise To Shine, Cymplified!

My one word for this year is ‘shine’. One way I could shine is to make myself better in the aspects of being a mother, a wife, and especially, a follower of Christ. One of the ways to make myself better at my roles is to keep myself healthy. One of the ways I could take care of my body is to get exercise.

I am not feeling good about myself most of the time. I feel so heavy, slow and very unhealthy! That’s when I knew I really need exercise to shine. Lessening my food intake doesn’t work for me anymore. I think it comes with age.

This March, my hubby Rix invited me to go to the gym. I was so happy he did! We went a total of just two times, so far. Ha ha! I know it’s too few. Hopefully, we will do it more often. We both know we need exercise so much!

beef kabab sandwich, baklava and yoghurt shake after gym the first time
on the treadmill the second time

I would definitely need the exercise if I want to eat like how I did in the photo above!

For my exercise to be organized, I would need to get a program first. I would also ask if using badminton shoes is okay. If not, what is the best shoes for gym?

And what is best about going to the gym with my hubby is that we get to have couple time together. 🙂