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A Mother’s Heart {Filled with Love}, Cymplified!

Since it’s still February, I’d like to talk more about love. Specifically, a mother’s heart that is filled with love.

My good friend gave me this book, Celebrate Mom, eons ago and it is only now that I started to read it. Remember how I sometimes feel about being a mom? I think this book is a lovely encouragement to me. The motherly love God has placed in my heart is comparable to His unconditional love. This is my affirmation that my calling is a special one.

filled with love

According to the book, a mother’s heart is filled with love, like God’s love:

  • is unconditional
  • endures forever
  • cannot be taken away, and
  • is vast

There are many quotes about a mother’s love in this chapter, Bible verses, poems, a tribute and a touching story.

There is no love on earth, I think, as potent and enduring as a mother’s love for her child.

Ann Kiemel Anderson

Christian Author and Speaker

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