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A Mother’s Prayer, Cymplified!

What is a mother’s prayer?

Oh, the ironies of being a mother. A mom needs to take care of the ordinary & mundane nitty-gritty of her home and her children, she also has to find the joy & beauty in everything. A mom hopes her children will be grounded & disciplined, she also hopes that they would soar & reach for their big dreams. It is tiring to meet the needs of the kids, but it is rewarding when the kids show gratefulness.

There are times when she feels overwhelmed and drained, and she feels like her love and courage are dwindling. What is a mom to do?

a mother's prayer

A prayer I would like to share
To loving mothers everywhere
May the Lord patience to them grant
That with love their children enchant

This prayer poem, A Mother’s Prayer, is from the book Celebrate Mom, a gift from my friend to inspire me.

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