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Thoughtfulness, Cymplified!

My husband isn’t a very romantic, lovey-dovey kind of guy. But, he is sweet in his own way. And, I am sure that he loves me. One of the ways he shows his affection is through food. It may be the way to my heart, after all.

He went biking one time and he, along with his companions, had breakfast somewhere. He raved about the coconut shake served in that food place. So, one day, when he went on the same trail and had breakfast at the same eatery, he thought of me and brought home a cup of coconut shake for me to try.

Coconut or Buco Shake from Bulalo Fiesta

Another time he went out, I forgot where and for what reason. I was craving for some pearl shake that day. Before he came home, he stopped by Ersao and bought one for each of us.

Ersao Pearl Shakes

And then there were the cakes that are not only fattening to the waistline, but fattening to the heart (in Filipino: nakakataba ng puso meaning it’s heart-warming or makes the heart swell with pride.)

Red Ribbon’s Super Rich & Heavy Chocolate Cake (I don’t know the name)


Red Ribbon’s White Forest Cake

Aside from the yummy food he buys for me, or the meals we share when we dine out, he shows thoughtfulness by helping me with work at home. I love that he takes care of the kids, teaches me to cook and do some household chores if I ask him to.

So, last Valentine’s day, we didn’t have a fancy dinner to celebrate. Cheesy as it may sound, it should be Valentine’s day every day. For me, it’s the little thoughtful things we do for our partners or loved ones each day that truly make them special.


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