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The First 365 Days Memory Keeper, Cymplified!

Being a mother, the desire to record each and every one of my child’s milestones is a natural thing. But when life (read: feeding then burping the baby, sleepless nights, changing the diapers) gets in the way, updating the first yawn or the first sneeze in the baby book gets waylaid. Enters mommy guilt for forgetting such a significant event in my baby’s life.

Admittedly, if I wasn’t gifted with a baby book for my first child, I wouldn’t think of buying one until it was too late.


Thanks to thoughtful friends, I got another one for my second baby.


For my third baby, I didn’t receive any and couldn’t find one in bookstores via my good friend. I was still searching when Cayla was born. My hubby kept telling me there’s no need for one but my mothering instinct said there is, since her achi and her ahya each has a baby book.

The first and second baby books were quite detailed as to what to keep a record of (hence, the mommy guilt of not filling up each and every space), I found the simplicity of The First 365 Days Memory Keeper refreshing. I bought this online from via Mothering Earthlings, an online store for stylish moms and babies.


Since there was just one kind available, it came in a unisex color which was cool mint green. The paper was made of good quality material so that the pockets housing the memorabilia would not easily get torn. The downside was that I couldn’t properly display the baby stuff since the pockets were not transparent. I had to take out the contents. It really is a memory keeper. The information asked was pretty straightforward. Each page starting the first month until the baby’s first year was exactly the same. There’s a page called The day you were born where the date and time were asked. I was expecting to input my baby’s weight and height/length, as is usually recorded but it had none. I wish that the space where I write her new tricks was bigger as she has developed so much just two months into her life. I don’t know if I could religiously fill in the hand and foot tracing part because she couldn’t stay very still,. So far, I had already put in Cayla’s ultrasound result, her birth card, her hospital bracelets and her umbilical cord stump. For me, this is a very practical baby book.