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Signs of Aging, Cymplified!

body butter for signs of agingThis year, I kind of dread the month of April. Why? Well, that’s when I turn 30. Oh my gosh! Where has the time gone?

There are so, so many beauty products out there that are targeted to women like me. Anti-aging creams and age-defying soaps abound. Do they really work?

One sign of aging is the loss of elasticity in one’s skin, hence the wrinkles and the sagging arms. I try to counter this using body butter from Human Nature, a brand of hair and skin care products I endorse. Hehe! I also know that exercise and drinking lots of water help the skin maintain a youthful glow. I hope I do these more often.

The conductress of a 300-voice choir I joined in high school said that good posture: keeping the back straight, makes a person look younger.

Another proof that I’m aging is weaker immune system. I get sick easily these days. I am not a fan of taking vitamins, but I need to be especially when my kids get sick and I have to take care of them. The sleepless nights and hours of worrying do take a toll on my body. I get tired easily and want to surrender sometimes. But I know that apart from the vitamin C, it is really the Lord who’s sustaining me each day.

Yet another way how my body is saying that I’m getting old is the magnified pain when I hit something or when I acquired a wound somehow. One time I fell on my knees on our tiled floor and goodness, gracious! I can’t tell you how much pain I was in. It was almost unbearable! I thought my kneecaps got dislocated. Good thing my baby boy’s smile eased the pain.

These are the physical signs of aging based on my experiences as an almost 30-year-old. As a woman, looking older than your age is being frowned upon by society. People sure does look at the outward appearance, but not God. For Him, a woman’s beauty comes from within. Armed with the Lord’s love, wisdom and joy, youthful charm shall naturally follow. A smile not only brightens the features or the countenance, it also brightens someone’s day or a person’s outlook in life.