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SIDS, Cymplified!

Are you a worry-wart? If so, then you’ll have a thousand more things to worry about when you become a mother.

Before you start to be anxious if your child’s going to be a responsible and caring adult, before you think about what kind of boyfriend or girlfriend she or he will have, before you worry where to get money for her or his tuition, there’s SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).


Sounds scary, huh? The fact that the cause is undetermined makes it all the more worrisome. And the knowledge that there’s no way to completely prevent SIDS could cause one to reconsider having children.

Thankfully, more and more researches are being done on the subject. See the link below to spread the awareness and help reduce instances of SIDS.

For me, one way to prevent SIDS is to pray, pray, pray and offer up our children into God’s loving and protective arms.

Other steps parents can take to help reduce the risks associated with SIDS include:

  • Place babies on their backs to sleep. If baby falls asleep on his tummy, gently roll baby onto his back.
  • Be sure to use a crib mattress that meets current safety and regulation standards. Crib mattresses should be firm and fit snugly in the crib frame. Crib sheets should be tight-fitting.
  • Do not place anything soft, loose or fluffy in the crib such as pillows, stuffed animals or crib bumpers.

Read full list: October is SIDS Awareness month.


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