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Sex During Pregnancy, Cymplified!

Who would have thought that I would write about sex during pregnancy for a magazine?

Mommies, have you wondered if it’s OK to make love to your husband while you are infanticipating? I have written an article for MomsToday while I was pregnant with my first child in 2007. Check it out below. You can click on the pictures for a larger view.

As with anything related to this delicate condition, consulting with the OB is a prerequisite.

Having sexy time with the hubby during this time can make a mom-to-be feel loved and beautiful even if she waddles like a penguin/goose/duck. Though mood swings affect her, even shadows of depression, making love makes her feel happier and more energetic. Oh, and one of the benefits also include not being worried if she’ll get pregnant this time.

sex during pregnancy

sex during pregnancy

For me, this is one way to feel and look gorgeous while pregnant. Knowing that even if the future mom’s body is very curvaceous this time, yet her husband still finds her very attractive, could boost her confidence. She would definitely enjoy this stage of her life as her body nurtures the miracle growing inside her.


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