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Scheduled C-section, Cymplified!

I was all nerves as I await the delivery date. I guess that’s the downside of having a scheduled operation. The anxiety build-up was unsettling. The advantage of it was that I had time to get ready the necessities for the hospital. We also got to arrange for the care of the other children (although things did not go as planned). I also got into the frame of mind to expect the worst, so I would be pleasantly surprised when good things happen.

While waiting to be admitted:

scheduled c-section

What number is it?

scheduled c-section

“Checked into” this room:

scheduled c-section

scheduled c-section

I read this but got bored:

scheduled c-section

What to order? Hmm…

scheduled c-section

The gown:

scheduled c-section

Talk to the hand:

scheduled c-section

An hour before my turn, I was wheeled into a sort of waiting area just outside the recovery room. I got even more nervous lying there. It’s like waiting to be executed.

Operations like mine must be a usual thing, for the people in the OR were very casual about it. My anesthesiologist was reading the papers before and after I was injected with epidural.

A few hours at the recovery area and I wanted to sleep, but I cannot since every few minutes my BP would be checked and I would occasionally be asked if I could already move my feet. So I had to do some toe exercise against the anesthesia every now and then.

I was also looking around to spy on the people who were as helpless as I was.

After confirming that my toe-wriggling was a success, off to my room I went, where my parents were waiting.

Then, finally! Roomed-in at last!

scheduled c-section

I have my precious bundle of joy beside me after my scheduled C-section. Now, on to breastfeeding!


  1. I gave birth C section as well with my two sons… hahaha… just kidding! Well, my wife had our two kids C section. It was mind and physical torture knowing that your wife will be cut and her life is at risk but thank God it all went okay.
    Daddy Yashiro recently posted..Friday Toys: Badminton Rackets

  2. Jhari

    I gave birth normal with my 2 daughters. I was under epidural with my eldest though. Natural birth with my second one w/o epidural. I was rushed in the hospital too late that epidural wasn’t safe anymore because my baby was so ready to go out. So I pushed to the max and felt the pain that I didn’t feel with my first.
    Jhari recently posted..Because Of You

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