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Momme Planner, Cymplified!

This is my Momme Planner. I was giddy with excitement upon receiving it. I ordered it through my college block mate but my kind hubby paid for it. Yay!

momme planner

I chose the Exotic Platinum French Pochette because it’s a limited edition, plus the shine and texture adds character. Lucky me, I got the last one. 🙂 I can imagine myself going out with my gal pals with just this and my iPhone. It would make a nice “clutch”, right?

momme planner

Too bad my chubby Parker pen couldn’t fit into the pen holder, so it had to stay outside. I also hope it had some sort of bookmark so I could easily get to where I last wrote.

momme planner
Motivation+plan of action+implementation=project completion!

The paper used is nice and smooth, like a magazine’s. If I wrote with a sign pen, I’ll be sure the ink will take longer to dry and will spread if I accidentally smudged it. Since it is packed with thoughtful little details for a mom and her family affairs, I have to practice writing in a smaller font size.

I have a few projects in mind like organizing our home and finishing the children’s room, I hope this lovely planner could be a tool to help me achieve my goals.