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iPhone, Cymplified!

Nope, I don’t have the latest iPhone model, in case you were wondering. But, I am just as satisfied with my old iPhone 3GS. Applications do work wonders!

10 Reasons why I love my iPhone:

1. Calculator. I need not look for it inside certain folders unlike in my old cellphone. Although, I did miss my old cellphone, which was stolen.
2. My to-do list along with the deadlines are all in one application, plus the grocery list and notes on how much I bought them last (and which supermarket) so I could compare prices. I use the Intuition app for this.
3. It occupies me while waiting (long, long waits) for my turn at doctor visits or laboratory tests.
4. It occupies my toddler on car rides and when dining out using kiddie applications and movies.
5. I get to read books and e-books I have never read before, like the classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. And I can read it before sleeping without turning on the lights or having a need for a bedside lamp, albeit the font is very small.
6. My blog posts could be composed and published right here, like this one! I could also compose diary entries which are code-protected.
7. Being a stay-at-home-mom doesn’t allow me to be in front of the computer all the time, unlike what some people think. So, having an iPhone plus a wireless internet connection enables me to read my Twitter timeline & Facebook walls and connect using messaging while I work around the house. I also get to surf a little and read worthy or urgent blogs or announcements and emails.
8. I recently discovered a scrap-booking application. It was fun to add designs to photos! I wish more designs were offered for free.
9. There are also applications which make the photos I took look artsy.
10. The application which lets me convert units is my favorite. It’s very useful!

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  1. I like Item No. 6. It's really nice when you can upload your blog posts using just your phone.

    1. cazzapoeia

      Yep! There are times when I can't log on to the PC.

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