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Celestina & Co., Cymplified!

For my two daughters and three of their girl cousins from my side, I decided to buy hair adornments this Christmas. I chose the Ultimate Bow Set plus a Large Bow Headband as backdrop for the Paris Specialty Bow and the medium bow clips.

celestina & co.

I love how these “pretty little things for little girls” were made! Why?

  • The quality of the handiwork is wonderful. It doesn’t look as if they are going to fall apart anytime soon.
  • These pretty little things are indeed for little girls because Ethel makes sure that the parts which are touching their heads are soft. It’s nice that the alligator clips don’t have teeth but have non-slip grips instead.
  • I ordered the fuchsia Paris bow clip but got the grey one instead. Ethel corrected this little mistake and sent the right one immediately, free of charge. That is great service!
  • The options to mix and match the bows and flowers excite me to no end. I just hope I could get my daughter to cooperate. She wasn’t sold on the idea of adding another bow to her grosgrain bow headband, yet.

celestina & co.

I know that these lovely hair accessories are for little girls, but I couldn’t resist trying on the grey Paris Specialty Bow. What do you think? Would I rock the Celestina & Co. look? 😛

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  1. the bows are colorful and pretty. 🙂

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