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Breast Cancer Awareness, Cymplified!

This month, I am very aware of my breasts because I am breastfeeding my third baby. I haven’t realized how much “beating” they were taking until now, when the tips are tender and a little sore. This is especially evident for me when I dry myself with a towel, extra care is needed not to hit my “girls”, which is so darn hard! This is one of the reasons I am having a bit of second thoughts on breastfeeding. I have to admit, it is a difficult endeavor and it takes a lot of willpower to go on. This time, I am also aware of one of the dreaded women’s disease called Breast Cancer.

Since October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month as well as SIDS Awareness month, one of the benefits of breastfeeding, according to this article, is a reduced risk of contracting breast cancer. That is a definite plus for me. You see, like a dark cloud, Breast Cancer looms threateningly over me since it claimed the life of my maternal grandma. I seem to be half expecting I’d have it one day. I even had a scare one time. Thank God the ultrasound result was negative. I am tempted to try this procedure called Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging that costs 9000Php, as shared by @momblogger.

I pray to God for protection, especially for my children’s, that this disease will not touch us. I admit I am scared of pain. I know that cancer can be very, very painful. I hope that no one will ever have any kind of cancer. And for those who are fighting the battle, may God grant them even more strength and faith.


  1. I wouldn’t suggest Medical Thermal Imaging… it is not included in the official screening studies for Breast Cancer according to Cancer Societies. As soon as you reach 40 y.o., then that time you can start with Digital mammography. It is good for you to learn how to do Self-Breast exams, which you can learn through You tube.
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    1. Thank you for the input!

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