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A Makati Shangri-La Stay (day 1), Cymplified!

photo taken by my hubby Rix

My friend is pregnant with her first child and I with my third. We thought of having a sort of joint photoshoot and stayed at Makati Shangri-La hotel to put some vouchers to good use.

Caleb and I were warmly welcomed with smiles, the front desk ladies were enamored with his cuteness. The one assisting me even carried him while I sign some documents.

I was disappointed with the Superior Rooms we were assigned with. They were so small and we didn’t know if the shoot could be done there. We thought of using another voucher to upgrade one of the rooms but alas! Both cannot be used in conjunction with each other. So we just settled for these. At least the bed and bedsheets felt nice and soft and very inviting, although we didn’t get the king-sized bed, just two twin beds joined together. Plus, there’s fast-connecting wifi all ready.

I also requested for a baby bed for Caleb and even though it was mistakenly put up in my friend’s room, they came to put it in ours and then offered to move it near the window after the hairdressers have gone. I’m glad that Caleb got to sleep in the cot even if it’s different.

Caleb in the cot

It was already late when the maternity shoot finished, so we just had dinner in our room. Our hubbies and one photographer went to buy food from Savory. We asked room service for extra plates and cutlery. It took them forever to bring those over, and it doesn’t help that we were famished.

After getting ready for bed: showered to remove hair spray and make-up, I read a few blog posts until I became super sleepy at 12 midnight. Plus, it’s hard to resist the calling of the bedding. I’m glad I brought the Human Nature Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil along because it helped remove the stubborn eyeliner.

I was excited to bring Elle to the swimming pool the next day since I promised her that. Watch out for my day 2 post of our stay at Makati Shangri-La, Manila.

Update: Here’s my Makati Shangri-La Stay day 2 post!


  1. aby

    will you post the photos? hehe 🙂
    aby recently posted..Blog Giveaway: Swirls and Scribbles X Orange Slice

  2. had a great time with you, wouldn’t have gone thru with it if it weren’t with you. such a shame we didn’t get to have our pics taken together! had a lot of fun though… hope we can do more “getaways” like this in the future.
    beth limchu recently posted..VERY Effective Nanny Training Classes (Part 3)

    1. cazzapoeia

      I agree! We should do this again. 🙂
      cazzapoeia recently posted..A Home In Need Of Change

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