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30th Birthday, Cymplified!

Yesterday started with a visit to the laboratory where I had my blood drawn for my thyroid test. I stopped by a bakery to buy breakfast since I fasted for the test, but I realized I shouldn’t have. Oh well! At least I had the appetite for some yummy egg pie, which costs 20Php for a big slice.

Rix was told by his friend that there’s a shoe sale going on in Tektite, so he decided he wanted to buy a pair for biking. We had lunch first at Shakey’s then proceeded to find a slot in the almost full parking area.

The event was called Markdown Madness, the brands on sale were Merrell, Skechers, Ecko Unltd., No Fear, Pony, & Zoo York, with up to 70% off. I also saw clothes and some swimwear for sale, too. It was real madness with so many customers, but I am happy with the coordinators’ foresight for they placed many attendants who were right there to assist and without having to be called numerous times. Usually I am turned off by crazy sales like that, but this one left me satisfied and not too tired like I expected.

I am also happy with my purchases. The Skechers natural/tan colored Cassie with embroidered design went from 3,195Php to 1,275Php. The BC Footwear navy blue with white piping and button Cotillion style went from 3,695Php to only 999Php in the low price section with shoes mostly for the ladies. I find these two pairs so cute! I can’t wait to wear them.

Before going home for dinner, we bought my birthday cake, Mocha Choco Crumble from Red Ribbon. There was no more singing of the Birthday Song because Rix, Elle and I had our haircut at home after dinner.

And that’s how my 30th birthday went. It’s not that exciting but it’s worth remembering. The shoe shopping was a definite plus! Hehehe!


Note: The sale runs until the 15th, from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm.